ヌスラト・ガニの解任に関する調査には、苦情を申し立てる必要があります, ラーブは言う - ライブ

ヌスラト・ガニの解任に関する調査には、苦情を申し立てる必要があります, ラーブは言う - ライブ
Carrie Johnson is accused of hosting friends at No 11 flat during lockdown


Nusrat Ghani Islamophobia claims won’t be looked at until ‘she makes a formal complaint’, ラーブは言う

ドミニク・ラーブ, the deputy PM, has said there can be no investigation into the claim made by a Tory MP that she was sacked over her Muslim 信仰 until she submits a “formal complaint” to the Conservative Party.

Nusrat Ghani said she was dismissed from her role as a transport minister in 2020 due to concerns around her “Muslimness”. She claimed she was told by an unnamed government whip that her faith was “making colleagues uncomfortable”. Chief whip Mark Spencer has since denied the allegations, calling them “completely false” and “defamatory”.

Mr Raab told Sky News earlier that while Ms Ghani’s claim was “incredibly serious”, she “hasn’t made a formal complaint” despite being “asked to do so”. 彼が追加した: “In the absence of [この], there will be no specific investigation.”

The latest blow to ボリス・ジョンソン’s government came after サンデータイムズ reported that the partygate inquiry may have unearthed details of Carrie Johnson hosting friends at their Downing Street flat during lockdown. The PM’s wife is said to have explained the visits as work-related events.


見る: ‘Unlikely’ British troops will be sent to Ukraine if Russia invades

Raab says it’s ‘extremely unlikely’ troops will be sent to Ukraine in event of Russian invasion
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PM will have to resign if he’s found to have lied to parliamentRaab

A bit more from Dominic Raab now. The deputy PM has said again Boris Johnson would have to resign if he was found to have misled parliament over a party held at No 10.

“The code of conduct for ministers is very clear that if you mislead parliament it is a resigning matter,” Raab told Times Radio earlier.

He also appeared to suggest publication of the Gray report could take slightly longer than expected.

“If it takes a day or too longerabsolutely right. Sue Gray should determine that," 彼は言った, adding of Gray: “I don’t think you could have anyone who is more confident and dutiful in speaking truth to power.”

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Labour urges PM to hold independent inquiry into Islamophobia

Let’s hear from the Labour Party now. Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry has said the Conservatives should hold an independent inquiry into Islamophobia.

Responding to accusations made by Tory MP Nusrat Ghani that she was fired from a ministerial role for her “Muslimness”, Ms Thornberry said: “I know Nus GhaniI have always found her to be a deeply serious and principled individual. When she makes an allegation like this, I believe her.”

と話す タイムズラジオ, Ms Thornberry added that the Conservative Party “just don’t take Islamophobia in their midst seriously”.

彼女は付け加えた: “I would like to see an independent inquiry into Islamophobia in the Tory Party in the same way that we quite rightly held an independent inquiry into the poison that is antisemitism in the Labour Party.”

<p>Thornberry is the Labour MP for Islington South </p>

Thornberry is the Labour MP for Islington South

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Neither Ghani nor Spencer backing down on Islamophobia claims

As Sky’s Sam Coates レポート:

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PM ‘invited his MP to begin formal complaint process two years ago’

そのメモについて, here’s アシュリーカウバーン with more on the revelations by Downing Street:

Johnson met Nusrat Ghani to discuss Islamophobia allegations in 2020, 番号 10 明らかに

Ms Ghani alleged she was told her Muslim faith was ‘making colleagues feel uncomfortable’

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番号 10 says PM met with Ghani in 2020 to discuss Islamophobia claims

After Nusrat Ghani told サンデータイムズ she was sacked as transport minister in 2020 due to concerns around her “Muslimness”, いいえ 10 spokesperson said the matter had been dealt with two years ago.

声明の中で, 首相のスポークスマンは記者団に語った:

“After being made aware of these extremely serious claims, the prime minister met with Nusrat Ghani to discuss them [オン 1 7月 2020].

“He then wrote to her [オン 10 7月] expressing his serious concern and inviting her to begin a formal complaint process. She did not subsequently do so.

“The Conservative Party does not tolerate prejudice or discrimination of any kind.”

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Raab: Complaint needed before probe into Tory Islamophobia

Following my earlier posts, here’s our political correspondent アシュリーカウバーン with more on the remarks Dominic Raab made this morning about Tory MP Nusrat Ghani.

Formal complaint needed before investigation into Islamophobia allegations, ラーブは言う

Ms Ghani alleged she was told her Muslim faith was ‘making colleagues feel uncomfortable’

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ICYMI: Partygate inquiry ‘may have discovered’ event in PM’s flat

An inquiry into allegations of parties at Downing Street may have unearthed details of at least one gathering in Boris Johnson’s flat, レポートは示唆している.

スー・グレイ, the senior civil servant conducting the investigation, is reported to have received evidence of visits involving close friends of Carrie Johnson, the PM’s wife, during lockdown.

Mrs Johnson is said to have welcomed two friends – both civil servants but not working at No 10 at the time – into her residence on several occasions during lockdown, による サンデータイムズ, with the visits reportedly being explained as work-related.

ゾーイ・ティドマン もっとあります:

Partygate inquiry ‘may have discovered at least one gathering’ in Downing Street flat

Sue Gray’s report is expected to be published this week

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Scandal will ‘follow Johnson as long as he is PM,’ says Brown

Back to the Trevor Phillips on Sunday programme now, where former Labour PM Gordon Brown said Boris Johnson’s government will likely end in scandal.

“My fear is that scandal is going to follow Boris Johnson as long as he is prime minister,” Brown said.

“We don’t just have the scandaland all the details will probably come out later this week about partyingwe have the conflicts of interest, we have the dubious appointments, we have foreign money and question marks over that, who is paying the bills for what?

“And I don’t think we are going to see this administration end in anything other than scandal.”

Mr Brown added that “attention has veered” away from other important issues like the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the rising cost of living in the UK, and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine because of the Downing Street parties.

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速報: ‘Unlikely’ British troops will be sent to Ukraine, ラーブは言う

Last bit from Raab’s Sky interview now. The deputy PM said it is “extremely unlikely” that troops will be sent into Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion, but stressed there will be “severe economic consequences” for the Kremlin, including financial sanctions.

“There will be very serious consequences if Russia takes this move to try and invade, but also install a puppet regime," 彼は言った.

Asked how the government would respond, Raab said: “We wouldn’t telegraph all of the measures that we would take, but it’s important this very clear message… that there will be very serious, severe economic consequences”.

私たちの政治特派員 アシュリーカウバーン 完全なレポートがあります:

‘Extremely unlikely’ troops will be sent to Ukraine, Dominic Raab says

Deputy PM says there will be ‘severe economic consequences’

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