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How HP’s Instant Ink can ensure you never run out of ink again

How HP’s Instant Ink can ensure you never run out of ink again
Your printer can watch for when it’s running out, and make sure you get new ink – making sure your images are always as bright and crisp as they can be

Imagine your printer never running out of ink.

It might seem like a fantasy, but HP really offers it: with its Instant Ink service, you can ensure you never run out of ink – and do so in a hassle free, sustainable and cheap way, without having to worry about how much ink you might need and when.

Wat meer is, it will save you money and ensure that your print-outs are always as bright, sharp and crisp as they can possibly be, all while removing the need to stress about trips to pick up new ink cartridges or how to get rid of old ones.

Hassle free, sustainable printing

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Put it together, and Instant Ink ensures that you can get back to printing in full colour and at detailed resolution.

It does that by letting you choose the amount of pages you print monthly, as well as giving you the option to change if that does in the future. Choose that – whether you’re at the light end, just printing 15 pages per month, or a business customer printing out hundreds of pages – and Instant Ink will organise itself around your life, ensuring that you always have the cartridges you need.

A smart subscription that meets everyone’s needs

Instant Ink is therefore useful to anyone: not just the kind of business or busy office that might print out 700 pages in a month, but also to students who want to ensure they have enough ink for that last-minute essay, the family who wants their pictures in bright colour, or just anyone else who has suffered the stress of running out of ink.

All of those cartridges will be sent to you through the post, and so it doesn’t only get rid of the pain of having to know when you might run out of ink, but also the tiresome trips to the shop to buy the cartridges you need to fill it up again.

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That’s because the printer itself will tell HP when you are running out of ink. It will then automatically send cartridges to your house – before you even knew you needed them, so that they’re ready to fit right when the ink runs out.

The monthly subscription service doesn’t only cover the ink itself but also the delivery. And it also takes care of the recycling too, so that you don’t need to worry about what might happen to those cartridges you take out.

All of that ease comes at no extra expense. In werklikheid, you can save considerably if you use HP’s Instant Ink: it offers savings of up to 70 per cent on ink, en 50 per cent on toner. Wat meer is, if you already have an HP eligible printer, but never signed up to Instant Ink, you can receive £10 credit when you sign up.

HP Instant Ink flexible plans start from as little as £0.99 per month. Head to en sign up for a free trial

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