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Île de l'amour: Who is new arrival Jack Barlow?

Île de l'amour: Who is new arrival Jack Barlow?
The professional racing car driver with his sights set on Chloe

It is always bound to cause a ripple on Île de l'amour when a new contestant arrives in Casa Amor.

The second villa in the ITV2 series is where half of the contestants are taken to meet new Islanders away from their current partners.

Jack Barlow is one of six new male contestants who are joining the rival villa. The 26-year-old racing driver and coach from East Sussex is intent on meeting “the one” after being single for two years.

The dog-lover – and owner of a fluffy husky with piercing blue eyes – used to race in the Formula 4 Championships for MBM Motorsport until he had an accident when he was 19 when he injured his back.

He still races, but has branched out to track driving coaching and stunt driving.

He might be real competition for Hugo after admitting he has set his sights on Chloe. It largely depends if she’s impressed by fast cars, which seems to be a highlight on his Instagram account.

‘Love Island’ continues on ITV at 9pm