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Sajid Javid diz que a câmera que capturou o caso de Matt Hancock foi "desativada"

Sajid Javid diz que a câmera que capturou o caso de Matt Hancock foi "desativada"
‘I’m not really sure why there was one in office,’ says new health secretary

Boris Johnson’s new health secretary Sajid Javid has said the camera that caught Matt Hancock kissing his aide has been disabled.

“I haven’t disabled the camera that you are talking about but it has been disabled by the department,” said Mr Hancock’s replacement on a visit to to St Thomas’ Hospital in London on Monday.

“For security it’s just common sense. I don’t think as a general rule there should be cameras in the secretary of state’s office.”

Mr Javid added: “I’ve never known that in the other five departments that I’ve run and I’m not really sure why there was one here but I’m sure there will be more to this as the whole incident is investigated.”

It comes as officials across Whitehall urgently review the use of cameras in government departments, with MI5 officials reportedly set to discuss the leaked CCTV footage of Mr Hancock embracing his aide Gina Coladangelo.

Justice secretary Robert Buckland said he had ordered a “sweep” of his own department to make sure no unauthorised cameras were in place. He has been informed there is no CCTV in his own office.

“I’m sure that many of my colleagues will be asking the same question and be making sure the offices are swept just in case there are unauthorised devices that are in there that could be a national security breach,” he told Sky News on Monday.

“I think there is an important principle here about the need for ministers and civil servants who often are handling very sensitive material and information to have a safe space within which to work.