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‘Cop Ness monster’ sculpture made from jeans unveiled in London

‘Cop Ness monster’ sculpture made from jeans unveiled in London
The artwork will be in the West End of the capital during the climate summit in Glasgow

A sculpture dubbed the “Cop Ness Monster” has been unveiled in Londres to raise awareness of climate change.

The artwork, made from steel, plywood, and wire mesh, and covered with recycled jeans, is aimed at highlighting the polluting effects of denim on the environment ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Flic26) dans Glasgow.

Made in partnership with the world’s first circular denim brand, MUD Jeans, the components of the sculpture, dubbed Messy, will be recycled and reused once the installation closes.

The 15ft artwork in London’s West End will be free to visit from 29 October until 12 novembre, when Cop 26 prend fin.

The monster was launched by WaterBear, a streaming platform dedicated to climat documentaries, supported by the Duke of Sussex.

Head of marketing Poppy Mason-Watts said: “At WaterBear we believe in collaboration and using the power of inspirational storytelling to reach and inspire as many people as possible to act (in a small or big way) to make a positive difference to the world we live in.

“Despite the UK being the host nation for Cop26, poll findings show that awareness of the conference is very low.

“With the help of our talented partners, Messy, the Cop Ness Monster, will bring the defining conversations taking place at Cop26 out from behind closed doors and into the hands of citizens to inspire meaningful change.”