What Jeffrey Epstein’s eerie private island is like now

What Jeffrey Epstein’s eerie private island is like now
The disgraced financier’s former private bolthole of Little St James has been eerily frozen in time, barely disturbed since his death in prison in 201. Io Dodds writes

No tunnels!” says the topless young man standing inside a bare electrical shed on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, more than a year after the disgraced billionaire child abuser died in prison.

This was August 2020, and the man was an urban explorer and TikTok star named Andy Bracco. He filmed himself sneaking onto the island of Little St James in the US Virgin Islands, sometimes referred to by locals aspaedophile island

He was not the first and will probably not be the last to slip onto the island, which now lies abandoned with Epstein’s house and strange architecture largely intact. 当然のことながら, it has become something of a morbid tourist attraction.

Prosecutors allege that this was the centre of an international web of sexual abuse, where girls as young as 14 were confined and assaulted. 月曜日に, the jury retired in the trial of Epstein’s former partner Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking, which she denies.

But what has happened to the island since Epstein’s death in 2019, and what state is it in now?

オン 22 4月 2021, demolition crews tore down Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, フロリダ, making way for a new house intended to wipe away its memory.

対照的に, Little St James – which Epstein liked to callLittle St Jeff– appears to have changed little since the days when Epstein made it his primary residence, sheltered from the intruding eyes and lenses of governments and journalists.

‘It looks like they’re trying to delete any memory of Epstein’

Mr Bracco was just one of many intruders, which have included various YouTubers and online documentarians as well as drone operators. According to Mr Bracco, the island was still guarded by security systems in August 2020.

“There was one super serious part when we didn’t account for what I believe was an infra-red camera by the communications tower,” 彼が言った ニューズウィーク. “It was pointing directly at us, and if there was a sensor facing us and depending on what software they had it could have set off an alarm. So we had to rush off pretty quickly.

Urban explorer sneaks onto Epstein’s private island for haunting footage

He also told 太陽: “There is active security therethe route we took we avoided a lot of the cameras on the island, along with the workers and guards.

There have been a few changes. This April, インクルード サンデーミラー reported that workers had removed a large decorative sundial, various sculptures and statues, and the initialsJEetched into the side of an Egyptian-style blue-and-white striped “寺” on the island’s south-west corner.

“It looks like they’re trying to delete any memory of Epstein from the island”, one local told the .Despite it looking like paradise on earth, any connection to a man like Epstein is bad. Everyone here just wants to forget about him and what he’s accused of.

The swimming pool is still kept filled

By and large, Epstein’s island has remained as it was. Aerial photos taken in December 2021 show Epstein’s hilltop mansion complex, with its swimming pool and jetty, まだ無傷, as well as various other buildings surviving across the island.

At Ms Maxwell’s trial, Epstein’s pilot Larry Visoski described the main residence asan exploded house – every room was built out from the central courtyard, 独自のバンガローでした.

The financier’s executive assistant Cimberly Espinosa testified that sand and palm trees were shipped to Little St James to enhance its beaches, and that it had its own firefighters and a fire truck.

In the photos, everything remains clean and pristine. The swimming pool is filled, the roads appear well maintained, the grass looks cut, and the palm trees are still growing. At least from the outside, all is eerily just as it was.

Since it became vacant, the island has been an object of feverish speculation and analysis by people across the world, who pore over footage and images to try to uncover its mysteries.

Rumours of secret tunnels underneath the “寺” and elsewhere have not been substantiated, and a story that children’s bones had been found dumped in the sea nearby appears to be fabrication.

Undated handout photo issued by US Department of Justice of an aerial view of Jeffrey Epstein’s private island

Multiple parties are competing to buy the island

Ghoulish as it may seem, both Little St James and its bigger sibling Great St James, which Epstein bought in 2016, have attracted interest from rich buyers.

According to the Miami Herald, その “Perversion of Justiceinvestigation in 2018 helped trigger Epstein’s final downfall, there is competition between several parties who plan to use it as a private residence, with some even signing non-disclosure agreements with Epstein’s estate.

“There are people that are quite interested and very qualified to buy the islands, and I have some clients that have already visited the islands,” real estate agent April Newland told the newspaper in February.

Daniel H Weiner, a lawyer working for Epstein’s estates confirmed that it hadreceived expressions of interest from numerous parties and two to three bona fide offers on those properties.

At the time Epstein’s estate was eager to close a sale because it was facing cash problems. Denise George, the attorney general of the US Virgin Isles, had frozen Epstein’s assets and was seeking a court order to seize his property, including the island.

Mr Weiner, 前記: “No serious buyer is interested in signing a contract on a multimillion-dollar property that, because of the attorney general’s existing liens, cannot be sold to it.

“加えて, in order to ensure that the estate receives maximum value in a sale, the estate would engage a broker, conduct extensive marketing, and obtain as many offers as the market will generate. The co-executors are not interested in incurring substantial estate costs for marketing a property that cannot be sold.

The legal battle between Ms George and Epstein’s estate is still ongoing, だが a source told the New York Post that Little St James is likely to go on sale in 2022.

Until then it remains a perverse monument to one man’s ability to bend justice around his whims, frozen in time at the moment when his web began to unravel.