Jimmy Carr lets loose on anti-vaxxers in audience at new stand-up show

Jimmy Carr lets loose on anti-vaxxers in audience at new stand-up show
‘Slap yourself in the f***ing face,’ comedian told one person in the crowd

In the trailer for Jimmy Carr’s new Netflix special His Dark Material, the comedian can be seen letting loose on anti-vaxxers in the audience.

During his live performance, the filmed version of which arrives on Netflix on Christmas Day, Carr addressed the crowd, saying: “Let’s talk about the controversial thing, the vaccine. Who’s not going to take the vaccine because they think it might be dangerous? Raise your hands.”

The majority of people kept their hands down, but when the odd few raised their arms, Carr singled one person out and said: “Now take that hand and slap yourself in the f***ing face.”

Pointing at his own hand, the comic added: “Hear that? It was the voice of f***ing reason, wasn’t it?”

He continued: “The spread of Covid was directly linked to how dense the population is. And some of the population are really quite f***ing dense.”

Earlier this year, before the easing of lockdown, Carr said he would “probably get cancelled” when he returned to doing live gigs.

On The Jonathan Ross Show, he said: “I think I’ll probably get cancelled, I’ll be a bit giddy and over excited. I’m a dab hand at it now.”

Carr has drawn criticism many times over the years for his controversial jokes, which have mocked people with Down’s Syndrome, amputee veterans and people with dwarfism to name a few.