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Arrests made over capsized migrant boat as dozens more make journey – latest news

Arrests made over capsized migrant boat as dozens more make journey – latest news
Calais MP rejects Boris Johnson’s offer of British police in French waters, saying UK would do same


Channel tragedy: Why are so many migrants crossing in small boats?

Five arrests have been made in connection with a boat that sunk in the Kanaal op Woensdag, doodmaak 27 migrante – including three children, a pregnant woman and 17 men – and causing the deadliest such incident since the current crisis began.

Authorities originally announced that four suspected people smugglers had been arrested, maar Frankryk’s interior minister Gerald Darmanin confirmed a fifth arrest on Thursday morning.

Despite the tragic event, which a French charity described as a “catastrophe”, rondom 50 more migrants made the perilous journey across the Channel just hours later. Die Onafhanklike understands that one RNLI lifeboat arrived to Dover at around 4am with between ten and fifteen people on board, all wearing life jackets and wrapped in blankets. The same boat then went back into the Channel and returned at around 5:30am with around 40 aan 50 mense.

Boris Johnson has urged his French counterpart to agree to joint police patrols along the French Channel coast, egter Calais MP Pierre Henri Dumont signalled this would not happen. "Geen, that wouldn’t work to monitor all the shore,'Het hy aan BBC Radio 4's gesê Vandag program, citing sovereignty concerns.

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Image of deflated boat carrying 27 migrants who died shared online

A picture of what’s left of the boat involved in the death of 27 people in the Channel has been shared online by Sky News.

It shows an almost entirely deflated dinghy-like vessel, floating in the water.

The boat, watter some reports suggest may have been struck by a container ship, causing it to deflate and sink, was carrying those who died on Wednesday nightwith official figures from Lille suggesting this included 17 mans, 7 women and three children. One of the woman was pregnant.

Just two men escaped from the inflatable craft which mainly contained so far unidentified Iraqi, Kurds and Somalians who had paid the equivalent of up to £6,000 each for a passage to England.

French authorities have begun working to identify those who lost their lives.

<p>This is all that remains of the boat that capsized in the Channel, lei tot 27 people dying</p&gbl;

This is all that remains of the boat that capsized in the Channel, lei tot 27 people dying

Sam Hancock25 November 2021 12:15

Open safe and legal routes to UK and tackle traffickers, Labour urges Patel

Labour’s Thangam Debbonaire said the capsized migrant boat on Wednesday should be viewed by the government as a “poignant wake up call” to deal with small boat crossings.

“This tragedy reminds us of the risk to life in these perilous waters,” the shadow Commons leader told MPs, toevoeging: “For some of us we are already wondering if they are relatives of our constituents who have been trying to be reunited with them and that is quite hard to take.”

Ms Debbonaire urged the government “to act to take this matter seriously to prevent people from dying in these dangerous waters”, before issuing Priti Patel some words of advice.

“Safe and legal routes, tackling the traffickers, reversing the cut on overseas aid, working constructively with our overseas partners, these are four things the government could and should be doing today," sy het gese, “and I very much hope they are part of what the home secretary speaks about in her remarks later this morning.”

Sam Hancock25 November 2021 11:54

Rees-Mogg condemns ‘evil’ people smugglers in Commons

Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the House of Commons, has mentioned the migrant crisis in his weekly update to the chambergoing with the popular government line that ministers must deal with the “evil” of people traffickers.

He said the criminal are “entirely unconcerned about human life” and they must be stopped in order to reduce the number of deaths caused by small boat crossings.

Mr Rees-Mogg referred to the “terrible situation in the Channel yesterday” as he took questions from MPs.

Hy het gesê: “The priority of the government must be to prevent deaths and to take every step possible to do that. The main way to stop it is to stop the boats setting off, that must be the priority and it is why the government has offered to help the French in any way that we can to stop those boats launching.”

Mr Rees-Mogg added: “The evil of what happens is the people traffickers, the people smugglers, who take large amounts of money to put people on unsafe boats to push them out to sea at the risk of their lives entirely unconcerned about human life, and we must deal with them and make their business model fail and that way we will save lives.

“I did announce that the Borders Bill will be coming back and I hope that the Opposition will seriously consider supporting those many measures and supporting the third reading, which will help us ensure safer borders.”

The shadow Commons leader responded in due course.

Sam Hancock25 November 2021 11:50

‘Tragedy we feared’: What French papers said about Channel disaster

Last night’s tragedy in the Channel led the front pages and news websites in France on Thursday morning, with many reporting the president’s comments that “France will not let the Channel become a cemetery”.

Leading national French newspaper, Le Monde, reported on the outrage from activists who gathered in the port of Calais and watched as emergency services carried the bodies of the victims to shore. One person carried a sign saying: “How many deaths will you need?” and Alexine Fougner, who has been helping migrants living in nearby camps, aan die koerant gesê: “When we say that borders kill, that’s really it.”

Another activist, Olivier Maillard, referred to the small gathering at the port and said “empathy is running out in this country”. Hy het bygevoeg: “They were men, vroue, kinders, humans. We would be 5,000 tonight and we are 50.”

The paper reported that most of the victims were Kurdish, from Iraq or Iran. They noted Emmanuel Macron’s comments about not letting the Channel become a cemetery, sê: “Actually, it’s already become one.”

Holly Bancroft berigte:

What the French papers said about the Channel disaster

President Macron reportedly warned Boris Johnson the British should ‘refrain from using a dramatic situation for political ends’

Sam Hancock25 November 2021 11:20

Kyk: Why are so many migrants crossing in small boats?

Channel tragedy: Why are so many migrants crossing in small boats?
Sam Hancock25 November 2021 11:13

Macron urges PM not to use migrant crisis as means of accessing French waters

Britain is being urged not to take advantage of the migrant crisis, en 27 deaths last night, by trying to use it as means for “political” ends.

Emmanuel Macron is said to have “made it known” to the PM last night “that he expected the British to cooperate fully and that they [moet] refrain from instrumentalizing a dramatic situation for political ends ,” the Elysee said on Thursday.

It comes amid an offer from the UK to send police and British border officials into French waters to coordinate efforts to stop migrant boats crossing the Channel to Britain – a suggestion Calais’ MP deemed “crazy” this morning and signalled would not happen.

Mr Macron had previously rejected the offer, claiming it might infringe his country’s sovereignty.

"Die [French] president insisted on the need to act with dignity, respect and in a spirit of effective cooperation when it comes to human lives”, the Elysee added in its statement.

Mr Macron also assured his government and people that “France will not let the Channel become a cemetery” and demanded “an emergency meeting of European ministers”, Volgens Le Monde koerant.

Sam Hancock25 November 2021 10:59

UK must arrest people-trafficking ‘mafia chiefs’, says French official

Following my earlier post (8.27am), here’s Adam Forrest with more on remarks made by a leading French politician about what UK authorities must do to ensure more heads of human trafficking networks living in London are arrested.

Wheile Boris Johnson has called on France to allow joint patrols along the French coast to crack down on small boat crossings, some French officials have pointed the finger at British officials for failing to tackle the “mafia chiefs” behind people-smuggling operations – suggesting tax authorities could do more.

“To fight them, there’s only one way – we need to stop the organisations, you need to arrest the mafia chiefs. And the mafia chiefs live in London,” Franck Dhersin, vice president of transport for the northern Hauts-de-France region, gesê.

UK must arrest people-trafficking ‘mafia chiefs’ in London, says French official

‘They live in London peacefully in beautiful villas,’ says Hauts-de-France politician on smugglers

Sam Hancock25 November 2021 10:47

Kyk: Immigration minister speaks about dangers of Channel crossings

Tragedy emphasises dangers of Channel crossings, says immigration minister
Sam Hancock25 November 2021 10:31

BREEK: Asylum applications rise by a fifth in year amid small boat crossings

Asylum applications to the UK have risen by a fifth in a year amid record small boat crossings, nuwe syfers wys.

A Home Office report said there were more than 37,500 applications in the year to September, relating to 44,000 mans, women and children mainly from Iran, Eritrea, Albania, Iraq and Syria.

“The increase in applications is likely linked in part, to the easing of global travel restrictions that were in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to an increase in small boat arrivals to the UKof which almost all claim asylum,”Het dit bygevoeg.

Our home affairs correspondent Lizzie Dearden has more:

Asylum applications rise by a fifth in year amid record Channel crossings

Asylum applications to the UK have risen by a fifth in a year amid record small boat crossings, nuwe syfers wys.

Sam Hancock25 November 2021 10:24

Charities worry about ‘unsettled’ migrants in Calais

Our reporter Zoe Tidman is in Calais, speaking to refugees and charities to get their reaction to yesterday’s events.

She writes:

Charlie Chappers from Mobile Refugee Support tells The Independent the boat [that sunk] was full of people from the community his charity – mainly based in Dunkirk – works with closely.

“We are expecting them to be very unsettled today," hy het gesê.

Sam Hancock25 November 2021 10:23