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Katherine Ryan hits out at fans who accused her of covering up child’s ‘black eyes’

Katherine Ryan hits out at fans who accused her of covering up child’s ‘black eyes’
‘Tell us really what happened to Violet’s eyes?’ followers asked comedian

Katherine Ryan has expressed regret over posting a photo of her daughter due to the replies she received from her followers.

On Halloween, the comedian shared a photo with her husband Bobby Kootstra, daughter Violet and baby son Frederick dressed up as characters from Pixar film The Incredibles.

Contudo, Ryan, 38, revealed on the latest episode of her podcast Telling Everybody Everything that she received “so many messages” asking her if Violet’s eye mask – which was a part of the costume – was covering up “two black eyes”.

“I don’t put many pictures of her on social media but she’s at the age now where she’s asking why that is,” Ryan said, adicionando: “She thinks it’s quite weird.”

Ryan continued: “I did share this photo, and I regretted it almost immediately. I had so many messages.”

She explained that people were asking why Violet “had two black eyes”, which she described as a “fair question – unless it’s Hallo-f***ing-ween”.

While acknowledging it’s “fair enough to ask the question once,” Ryan said she then received lots of “follow up” comments from people saying: “I don’t actually think that is make up.”

Katherine Ryan received a flurry of accusations after posting a photo with her family

Ela continuou: “Then it turns into the DMs. I get lots of private messages – ‘Tell us really what happened to Violet’s eyes?’

“Do you think I would have some nefarious intent towards my daughter, give her black eyes for some reason, or she fell and got black eyes, and I tried to cover them up poorly with an Amazon Incredibles mask, and then decide to post receipts?

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Ela disse: “If you think that is the case, and Violet is injured and I’m hiding it, don’t DM me about it – call the police. Ask for help.”