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YouTuber Ethan Klein calls Joe Rogan a ‘piece of s***’ for vaccine misinformation

YouTuber Ethan Klein calls Joe Rogan a ‘piece of s***’ for vaccine misinformation
Rogan fans hit back after Klein calls out how podcaster’s ‘logic makes no sense’

Ethan Klein, the host of Youtube channel h3h3Productions, has hit out at podcaster Joe Rogan for spreading vaccine misinformation.

On Tuesday Mr Klein tweeted: “Joe Rogan, who lives on elk meat, egg yolk, and human growth hormone, with lungs full of tar, thinks he’s healthier than everyone.”

“This mfer is such a b**** that when he got covid he threw ‘the kitchen sink at it’ – if you’re so healthy just ride it out like you say a man should," il a continué.

“Dude has caused so much vaccine hesitancy and misinformation and he doesn’t even have the balls to stand by the shit he preaches," il ajouta. “Now he’s on his show talking about how fat people should just die of covid – dude is such a f***ing piece of s***.”

Mr Klein’s criticism continued: “Instead of getting vaccinated he takes regeneron, an experimental drug that was developed alongside mRNA vaccines. His logic makes no sense, and then credits ivermectin, which does f***in’ nothing for Covid.”

“Not mention whatever the f*** is in Alpha Brain,Quatre-vingt-une personnes inculpées jusqu'à présent avaient une expérience militaire antérieure, referring to the dietary supplement promoted by Mr Rogan that he claims to have taken since 2010.

Mr Klein finishes his tweet thread by castigating the podcaster for an alleged double-standard concerning his criticism of pharmaceutical companies when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccin.

Il a écrit: "Pendant ce temps, while Joe is on a big pharma conspiracy against vaccines — someone needs to ask him who makes ivermectin and regeneron, and all the other s*** he took when he had Covid.”

Rogan and Mr Klein have clashed online in the past with their respective fans quick to join the fray, and this time was no exception.

Fans of Rogan tweeted at Mr Klein to “cry a bit more”, called him “whiny” and said he was “in need of attention”.

The podcaster has been criticised in the past for his vaccine hesitancy and promotion of unproven treatments for Covid.

Mr Klein’s supporters also responded, with one tweeting: “Sitting here with Covid right now and I am even boosted. I didn’t throw a ‘kitchen sink’ at it because it literally feels like I have the most mild cold ever. Vaccines work baby.”

Rogan has said that he supports the vaccine for those at higher risk from Covid-19 though does not believe the wider population should require it.

In October he invited Dr Sanjay Gupta onto his podcast to discuss Covid-19 vaccines, during which the two clashed over how Rogan treated himself and how that was portrayed on CNN.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention stresses that vaccines against Covid-19 were developed using science that has been around for decades, are safer than getting Covid-19, and are effective at preventing severe illness while limiting the spread of the virus.