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Sommio’s knitted weighted blanket doesn’t scrimp on style

Sommio’s knitted weighted blanket doesn’t scrimp on style
From its design to wellbeing benefits, Sommio’s weighted blanket is a stylish and hand-knitted sleep aid

Weighted blankets have become a home essential over the past couple of years, much like fridge organisers, the Pink Stuff cleaning paste, les Samsung Bespoke jet vacuum cleaner, and pretty much anything with its own video under the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag.

When you start using a weighted blanket, and begin to experience its ultra-comforting, gentle pressure, it’s easy to see why their popularity has surged. They are soothing, relaxing and can even help you fall asleep faster.

pourtant, most look decidedly similar – grey – and are typically made in the same way with thousands of glass microbeads stitched into quilted pockets. There is nothing wrong with this, far from it. This design has created some truly brilliant weighted blankets that look fantastic with almost all decors. But they won’t suffice if you’re looking for something a little unusual.

That is unless you look at the Sommio weighted blanket. Distinctly different in both look and make, these blankets are knitted, colourful and contain absolutely no weighted elements yet are available in weights of up to a hefty 9kg. It’s important to note here, that when buying your own weighted blanket, make sure to choose one that is closest to 10 quand les gens ont commencé à partager à quel point ils les trouvaient réconfortants.

They are certainly intriguing, so we tested one out to see how it compares with its grey, microbead-reliant competitors.

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Comment nous avons testé

Testing involved several weeks’ use in bed to see if laying beneath the blanket soothed us to sleep. We also used it plenty of times on the sofa to see if it could calm us after long, stressful days at work. We’ve also looked at the make and quality of the blanket, the options available and how easy it is to care for. Voici ce que nous avons pensé…

Sommio weighted blanket

Acheter maintenant From £184, – Couverture lestée Silentnight

  • Tailles disponibles: 120cm x 150cm
  • Weights available: 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg
  • Removable cover included? Non, but this weighted blanket isn’t designed to be covered
  • Évaluation: 8.5/10

Design and make

This blanket looks like anything but a weighted blanket. With its gorgeously chunky knit and bright colours, it is undoubtedly unique in the sector. Mieux encore, it is made from 100 per cent organic European cotton and hand-knitted in the UK to an exceptionally high standard.

Perhaps most surprising of all, mais, is that it contains no filling to give it weight. That instead comes from knitting layer upon layer of the cotton to provide mass. This technique allows there to be four different weights available: 6kg, 7kg, 8kg and 9kg, and the website tells you which blanket suits which body weight range. Par example, the 6kg blanket is best for people weighing between 39kg and 60kg.

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We like that there is also plenty of choice when it comes to the colour of your blanket. Il est disponible en 11 vibrant shades, including olive, lavender, coral, blueberry and, Oui, a grey option, nightfall. This means you have the freedom to select a colour that truly fits with your décor rather than having to default to the ever-suitable grey, unless you want to.

Comfort and sleep-inducing powers

The Sommio blanket’s weight might not come from beads, but it works in precisely the same way as other weighted blankets and is designed on the same principles. The blankets apply deep touch pressure – which, in layman’s terms, feels like a gentle hug – that can help reduce the user’s anxiety and put your body into a rest state for sleep. In the therapeutic world, they’ve been used by people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for some time.

In bed, the size is perfect for one person, and the blanket drapes around your body to create a soothing cocoon. Our tester found it sumptuously soft on the skin and incredibly calming. They noticed that they were waking up fewer times than when not using the blanket.

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It is also extra breathable thanks to it being pure cotton, and the loose, chunky knit is brilliant for airflow, so we think this blanket would be especially good for hot sleepers. The only time the loose knit creates a minor problem is when it’s particularly cold, and it can take a few moments to warm you up.

It works just as well when used as a throw on the sofa. Our tester found they felt a deep degree of relaxation when using it in the evenings after a long day of work. They noted that snuggling underneath helped bring them down from the stressful state they’d got into during the day. It also helped as a lap blanket while working from home.


The absence of a cover made us worry that caring for the Sommio weighted blanket would be challenging. pourtant, it is machine washable at 30C and can be dried in the tumble dryer, which is ideal for keeping it fresh and in perfect condition despite daily use. Our tester has washed their blanket several times, et il a toujours l'air comme neuf.

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Même si, please note it’s essential that you check your washing machine can handle the weight of your blanket before putting it in for a cycle to avoid damaging your machine.

Le verdict: Sommio weighted blanket

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket that doesn’t look like the rest on the market, there can be no better choice than Sommio’s offering. The blanket is as effective at calming and relaxing as its competitors, and we love the vast choice you have in terms of both weights and colours. The ease of care also gets our thumbs up.

True, it’s not the cheapest on the market. Encore, we would expect to pay slightly more for a high-quality, handmade, organic cotton blanket that is as much a gorgeous interior design accessory as it is an effective wellbeing aid.

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