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10 best eyelash curlers that enhance, lift and add drama to your lashes

10 best eyelash curlers that enhance, lift and add drama to your lashes
Instantly lengthen, lift and volumise your lashes with our pick of the best eyelash curlers from John Lewis, Tweezerman, Space NK and more

The handheld beauty tool for adding length and lift to your upper lashes, eyelash curlers come in different shapes and sizes. Whether applied before mascara or on a make-up-free day, they can also separate eyelashes and frame your eyes.

Probably the most classic versions are a curved shape with handle mechanism to press curler plates together, pushing lashes upwards.

Within these plates are refillable pads in a material like silicone or rubber acting as a comfort barrier between the curler and your lashes. Which for hygiene reasons should be washed or wiped between use and replaced every three to six months.

They’re the starting point of a professional beauty kit too, according to makeup artist Sarina Kaur. “Eyelash curlers are a makeup routine staple, giving your eyes a lift,” she explains. “I apply them before makeup to open up the eye and avoid the transfer of eyeshadow or eyeliner onto the curlers.”

Ela adiciona: “Using curlers on your naked eyes also protects against mascara stiffened eyelash breakage. Simply hold in place for 10 seconds before maximising the look with your favourite mascara.”

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Awakening your eye make-up in one quick move, they should be easy to use with no discomfort and maximum lash lifting results. From designer brands to budget buys, loop hold and push handles, we’ve got all options covered, so read on and discover our best eyelash curlers list.

The best eyelash curlers for 2021 estão:

  • Melhor geral – Tweezerman classic lash curler: £16,
  • Best for fanning out lashes – Dior backstage eyelash curler: £20,
  • Best for a gentle grip – Mac full lash curler: £16.50,
  • Best for lengthening – Hourglass lash curler: £ 30,
  • Best for an even effect – Kevyn Aucoin the eyelash curler: £ 17,
  • Best for a natural look – No7 lift and curve eyelash curler: £ 11,95,
  • Best for an upwards lift – Suqqu eyelash curler: £ 19,
  • Best lightweight lash curler – Eyeko eyelash cushion curler: £ 12,
  • Best bargain buy – W7 groovy curls eyelash curler: £ 3,50,
  • Best replacement pad storage – Eylure lash curler: £ 4,99,

Tweezerman classic lash curler

Melhor: No geral

Including a whopping three replacement pads in a little tube within the box, this pair are excellent value for money. The rounded cushioned silicone pads offer comfort and closeness between curler and the lash line, without nipping either skin or eyelashes. Light to hold and quite a slim structure, the finger and thumb loops are big enough for faff free use.

The plate section is quite wide and covered the entire upper perimeter of our tester’s eye, meaning no lash is left out. We saw seriously volumised lashes, plus an impressive lift giving both curl and height. Our mascara accentuated this effect further, holding lashes in place for hours on end.

Dior backstage eyelash curler

Melhor: For fanning out lashes

Presented in classic Dior showstopping packaging, the box is silver with black branding. Its chic black metal frame held shut with a clear plastic clip, which makes for compact storage. Opening the eyelash curlers up, we noticed their smooth sturdy handles are comfy to hold.

Getting in extremely close to the lash line, our tester found they grip and curl eyelashes without pinching skin. We think this is also because of the almost bouncy cushioned pads, of which one replacement is included. Como resultado, we saw a lifted upwards and fanned out baby doll-esque look, with our mascara application reaching each individual eyelash.

Mac full lash curler

Melhor: For a gentle grip

A metal eyelash curler made of a light loop handled frame, you’ll find one replacement rubber pad in the box. The curling plate is wide with soft cushioning and reaches all lashes. But the tool doesn’t fit too tightly on your eye. While that means our tester found you don’t get a massively dramatic heightened lift, it does make for a gentler grip on sensitive lids. Satisfyingly subtle, we saw eyelashes which were evenly lifted up and outwards in a naturally curled effect.

Hourglass lash curler

Melhor: For lengthening

Within the metallic bronze box, you’ll find this eyelash curler and replacement silicone cushioning pad. It is an angular gold frame that wins dressing table aesthetic points, with double loop handles that are ergonomic. Tightly hugging our lashes, we saw an impressive high lift upwards, rather than outwards fanning. Our tester noticed this leaves eyelashes with a classic curl that was also lengthening. Offering noticeable results on bare eyes, with mascara added on top, the result was significantly longer looking lashes.

Kevyn Aucoin the eyelash curler

Melhor: For an even effect

A sturdy eyelash curler packaged in a slide open box, this is really handy for hassle free storage and daily use. The red refillable rubber cushion is striking against the silver frame, and you’ll find one replacement inside too. Notably soft to use, while efficiently lifting eyelashes, the curler created an even lift along our tester’s lash line. Because each separate lash is curled, they are fanned out while looking lengthened. We saw definition too, that meant our mascara could grip individual eyelashes much more effectively.

No7 lift and curve eyelash curler

Melhor: For a natural look

This slimline but sturdy dark grey metal frame is packaged within a plastic box. Including not one but two spare pads, we found that a big plus at this affordable price point. The light frame has sufficient room to hold your thumb and finger for moving into position and closing onto lashes. It grips eyelashes from root to tip as you place them between the pads. Bringing a curl and lift to eyelashes that’s subtle rather than overt, it’s a quick and easy tool for a natural effect.

Suqqu eyelash curler

Melhor: For an upwards lift

This silver beauty tool brings a unique frame to the eyelash curler game because of its tall, wavy plate. In turn that meant our tester’s eyelashes were given an even higher lift. Packaged within a sleek black recyclable box, we found it usefully robust enough for regular storage reuse. Mais, there are two replacement pads inside too. The frame itself is slimline, lightweight, and easy to grip. Reaching the lash line from inner to outer edges, we saw both a curl and height to our lashes which lasted all day.

Eyeko eyelash cushion curler

Melhor: Lightweight eyelash curler

A cobalt blue eyelash curler packaged in a cardboard box, it comes with one spare replacement pad. Our first impression of the Eyeko frame was how lightweight this buy is and with looped digit holders big enough for quick use without any faffing. Because the cushioned silicone pad curler is wide, it doesn’t get right up close to lashes. But the curler lifts them without much effort and is very gentle on eyes. Basicamente, there’s not much risk of poking yourself in the peepers. Our tester saw lashes which were opened out and separated rather than lengthened upwards, but with impressive precision.

W7 groovy curls eyelash curler

Melhor: Bargain buy

This cute hot pink metallic eyelash curler has rubber lash pads, and cushioned handles you push together for the curling lift action. It comes packaged in a thin plastic box but without any replacement pads, Contudo, the £4 eyelash curlers are still a brilliant bargain for their effectiveness.

They get right into the roots of the lashes, lifting them up and creating an even curl to eyelashes. Because of how close the curlers hug the eye, it did pinch our skin a bit. Mas, our eyelashes were separated, pushed upwards and elongated with use.

Eylure lash curler

Melhor: Replacement pad storage

The black metal frame feels smooth to hold onto and its loop handles are a relaxed fit in our tester’s hand. Their plate width covers the entire lash line and gently presses eyelashes, moving them upwards and into place. In a genius move, the spare pad they come with is clipped onto the frame itself, so you don’t need to worry about losing it. Very easy to use, we particularly like the lightly lifted and evenly separated curl this pair creates.

Eyelash curlers FAQs

What should I look for in an eyelash curler?

When purchasing an eyelash curler you should take your eye shape and lash length into consideration. Por exemplo, if you have particularly long eyelashes you should look for a longer plate to ensure you don’t miss curling one of your lashes.

The curve matters a lot, so keep your eyes peeled for ones that will suit your eye shape. Flatter curves work much better for flatter eyelids and smaller eyes, as they can fit from end to end on your lash line.

If you have more almond eyes, you would want an arch that is not too rounded but not too flat. Whereas those with rounder, bigger eyes, want a curler with a deeper curve to grab all those lashes.

Are metal or plastic eyelash curlers better?

Naturally, metal curlers are sturdier and more durable than their plastic counterparts, but if you are sensitive or allergic to some metals, plastic may be the way to go.

Are eyelash curlers bad for eyelashes?

When used correctly, there should be no damage to your eyelashes. To prevent any unnecessary lash loss, avoid applying any mascara before using your curlers.

O veredito: Eyelash curlers

Covering value for money, a long-lasting curled lift and a slimline frame, our favourite was Tweezerman’s classic lash curler. Enquanto isso Dior dialled up the curler pad comfort level while fanning lashes upwards. Finalmente, if you fancy a splurge, we’d recommend the lash lengthening Hourglass.

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