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Relyon somerton dunlopillo latex review: A trusty traditional mattress

Relyon somerton dunlopillo latex review: A trusty traditional mattress
We checked out the Relyon somerton dunlopillo latex mattress to see if it has our back

With so many young trendy bed brands vying for our attention with high-tech new gen madrasser, it would be easy to overlook a classic company like Relyon. But this one’s synonymous with quality – and it comes with a wholesome backstory. The brand was founded in 1858 by a family of wool merchants in Somerset, who became known for their 100 per cent wool mattresses. The name literally means “rely on” (not to be pronounced rel-yon!) which echoes their reputation for hand-crafted, all-natural and above all, wonderfully comfortable mattresses you can rely on for a really great night’s kip.

I dag, the company proudly brings with it all that artisanal heritage, and the quality of craftsmanship that’s been passed down through the years, to offer high-performing mattresses that rival any contemporary bed-in-a-box brand. Being used to a hybrid mattress, meaning one that’s made up of both springs and foam, we were interested to see how our sleep fared going back to a traditionally crafted pocket sprung mattress.

Hvordan vi testet

We put our somerton mattress to the test on a standard double divan, looking for all-over support and a good mix of comfort and firmness. Over a number of weeks, we swapped sides to see if there was any discernible difference or any sagging in the middle. We also tried the mattress with different weights of duvet to see if the brand’s breathability claims came true

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Relyon somerton dunlopillo latex mattress

  • Størrelser tilgjengelig: Single, liten dobbel, dobbelt, konge, super king
  • Type: Pocket-sprung
  • Comfort grade: Firm
  • Madrassdybde: 26cm
  • Garanti: 12 måneder

Design og funksjoner

Designed exclusively for Dreams, the somerton is a traditional no-turn pocket-sprung mattress that boasts an impressive 1,122 springs for a double. Unlike a lot of brands, Dreams offers the somerton in sizes small double and super king, along with the conventional UK bed sizes of single, double and king, scoring points on versatility. A small double bed can be a great choice for a compact guest room, and you’ll certainly want to impress your overnight guests with a high quality, comfy mattress. Equally, it can be difficult to source a mattress to suit your super king bed without waiting weeks on a made-to-order product, so this one’s a relatively affordable “off the peg” mattress that’s available for speedy delivery those who like to go large.

It’s worth noting that Relyon has its own on-site spring manufacturing company, as well as its own wood mill. In keeping every element of the mattress’s production in-house, the level of quality control, and the attention to detail, is reassuring. We’re promised a mix of the finest natural fillings and perfectly engineered calico (read unbleached cotton) covered its pocket springs.

The mattress is topped with a 2.5cm layer of dunlopillo latex, which offers both breathability and pressure-relieving qualities, is antibacterial and antimicrobial, meaning you can rest easy and move around in comfort. Some of the best hybrid mattresses on the market come with a top layer of innovative memory foam, which counters the firmness with cosy softness, and in many ways, the latex layer here does the same job.

In keeping with Relyon’s use of all-natural materials, the latex is sourced from the sap of rubber trees that have been responsibly grown in managed plantations around the world, awarding the somerton points on sustainability. This one’s also traditionally tufted and boasts a luxurious Belgian damask surface.

Komfort og ytelse

Save for the plastic wrapping and corner protectors, which needed a careful cutting away, the mattress arrived pretty much ready to use. It was surprisingly easy to handle, unlike previous products we’ve bought that seemingly have minds of their own – in fact, this one proved far more civilised. The branded fabric handles on the sides are a helpful addition when you’re hoicking a large double mattress onto a bed (unless you’re built like The Hulk, the super king is definitely a two-person job).

At 26cm in depth, the somerton made our bed a little higher than we’re used to but that only added to the luxurious feel, and we became accustomed to the loftiness in no time. For a firm, conventional pocket sprung mattress the somerton is seriously comfortable, with no tendency to sag in the middle. Equally, there’s firm and even support when sitting on the edge of the bed. We love a firm mattress but this one never feels hard. Faktisk, having suffered with niggling back pain over the years, we felt our spines perfectly supported and we found that our sleep improved in no time.

The top latex layer allowed us to shift around easily, and we didn’t have any sense of the mattress feeling too hot when sleeping – even when the time came to switch to our winter duvet. The latex adds just enough softness to feel wonderfully cosy without losing any benefit of the supporting springs. We found that the mattress distributed our unequal body weights evenly and provided comfort and pressure point relief, whether we slept on our side or back. Some mattresses can be particularly uncomfortable for back sleepers so we were pleased to find our sweet spot here. Og, thanks to its edge-to-edge support, the comfort is extended across the whole sleep surface.

A small detail – and one that didn’t really matter once we had the sheets on – is that the mattress is finished in a silky, soft-to-the-touch, pure white fabric that gives it a feeling of hotel-level luxury. Suffice to say, the sheets simply glide on, which allows for a more pleasurable experience when making up the bed.

Dommen: Relyon somerton dunlopillo latex mattress

We loved the traditional pocket-sprung somerton mattress and were pleasantly surprised by its level of comfort and support, having been used to a hybrid. It is on the firm side, and that might take a bit of getting used to, but our spines are thanking us for it already. This is a single-sided mattress, meaning it can’t be turned, just rotated, which raises the question of longevity. While some mattresses come with a very generous guarantee, this one offers just 12 måneder, but given the quality of materials and the expert craftsmanship that’s gone into creating it, we’re confident it’ll have our back for years and years.


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