Lil Nas X just launched a high fashion collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier

Lil Nas X just launched a high fashion collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier
Only 666 items were made for the first batch, available to buy online

Lil Nas X and Jean Paul Gaultier have just announced an exciting high fashion collaboration.

The news came on Sunday, three weeks after the rapper teased a “big announcement” on his Twitter.

In an Instagram post shared Instagram, Jean Paul Gaultier shared a collection of pregnant man emojis – a reference to Nas X’s “pregnancy” with his new album, Montero.

The design house also shared a link to the website where people can pre-order a top in the collection.

Nas X marked the launch with a photograph of himself modelling the the top that’s currently on sale – a mesh long-sleeve top with a loud Biblical print –and matching trousers.

The inspiration behind the design was explained in another social media post: “For the release of his first album, Montero, Lil Nas X and Jean Paul Gaultier teamed up to create a reinterpretation of the iconic second-skin mesh top from Spring-Summer 2001 collection incorporating Lil Nas X’s camp aesthetic.”

Fans who want to own the top will have to be quick, as there is only a limited production batch of 666 available to order for an October delivery.

It’s not known if more items will be added to the collection.

With the 22-year-old artist being unafraid to take fashion to the limit and beyond on the red carpet, the collaboration with an iconic label such as Jean Paul Gaultier was somewhat inevitable.

Last week, Nas X turned heads at the Met Gala with a huge gold satin cape covered with ornate beading

He later changed into two more outfits, including a slinky bodysuit in Versace’s signature black and gold colour palette.

Earlier this month, the Industry Baby singer also marked the announcement of his latest album with a “pregnancy” photoshoot, which saw him dressed in a white satin robe with a flower crown while cradling a baby bump.