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Roger Stone mocked for offering to freeze sperm for right-wing firebrand Laura Loomer

Roger Stone mocked for offering to freeze sperm for right-wing firebrand Laura Loomer
‘Freedom movement needs future warriors’ says Stone adding he lacks biological heir

Political consultant, lobbyist, et Donald Trump ally Roger Stone made a particularly unexpected proclamation on social media on Tuesday when he offered to donate sperm to fellow conservative firebrand Laura Loomer.

“Since I don’t have a biological heir and because the freedom movement needs future warriors I am going to freeze some of my sperm in case Laura Loomer decides to bear my child sometime in the future,” Mr Stone posted on his verified Gab account.

Ms Loomer is known as a far-right, Islamaphobic political activist and conspiracy theorist who once ran for Florida’s 21st Congressional District in the 2020 élection, losing to the Democrat candidate Lois Frankel.

She is banned from most social media platforms and payment processors for violating hate speech policies and spreading misinformation.

Mr Stone’s post was met with a number of tongue-in-cheek jokes and some disgust by his followers and commenters – many called the idea “gross”.

One follower at first thought they were reading a spoof account, whereas another posted: “You couldn’t just say something nice? Did you have to make it creepy?"

When it was reposted to Twitter – from which both Mr Stone and Ms Loomer are banned – the revolted reactions, blagues, and general confusion continued.

“Oh is ‘freezing my sperm’ what roger is calling it these days?” quipped Tom McKay at Gizomodo, which received the response “the line forms over there ladies”.

Other reactions included a highly stylised picture with the words: “What a terrible day to have eyes”, and one person wrote: “Somehow this is more upsetting than if they were just f***ing”.

Regardless of the reaction, Mr Stone returned to Gab on Wednesday morning, posting: “Here is a headline you will never see ‘Laura Loomer announces her intention to carry Roger Stone’s baby invitro and convert to be a Methodist.”

The post was followed by the crying emoji – perhaps indicating that Ms Loomer has politely declined the offer.

Ms Loomer has reported for InfoWars et Project Veritas and has a history of disrupting events, ranging from the Women’s March and CPAC to Shakespeare in the Park and a Bitcoin event to heckle Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

She has spread misinformation and conspiracy theories on a multitude of topics including mass shootings, Antifa, false flag operations, and Covid-19.

Mr Stone was pardoned by former President Trump after being convicted on seven felony counts in 2019 – for obstructing an investigation, witness tampering, and five for lying to Congress – as part of the Robert Mueller enquête. He was sentenced to 40 mois de prison, a sentence that was also commuted by the former president.