Nigella Lawson shuts down Tory MP who said Boris Johnson was ‘ambushed with cake’

Nigella Lawson shuts down Tory MP who said Boris Johnson was ‘ambushed with cake’
‘You think it’s a joke? Says it all,’ Lawson wrote

ナイジェラ・ローソン has expertly shut down a Conservative MP who claimed that ボリス・ジョンソン was “ambushed with cake” at his lockdown birthday party.

月曜日に (24 1月) reports emerged regarding yet another gathering held at Downing Street while the country was in lockdown, this time for the prime minister’s birthday in June 2020.

The party was allegedly organised by his wife Carrie at a time when gathering indoors was banned. The revelation came just in time for Johnson to be questioned about it at PMQs.

One comment that prompted widespread mockery online came from loyal Conservative backbencher Conor Burns, WHO defended Johnson by saying that the party had not been “pre-meditated”.

“As far as I can see, 彼がいた, ある意味で, ambushed with a cake," 彼が追加した.

Responding to the news on Tuesday (25 1月), Lawson mockingly suggested she might appropriate the phrase for her own use.

“Ambushed by Cake: it just has to be the title of my next book!」彼女はツイートした.

Burns himself responded to the TV chef’s tweet, 書き込み: “It’s yours if you want it! Could I include my Granny’s Christmas cake recipe?」

しかしながら, Lawson was unimpressed, 書き込み: “This is too meta. プラス, you think it’s a joke? Says it all.”

Twitter users praised the Cook, 食べる, 繰り返す author for her response, with one calling Lawson “the hero we don’t deserve”.

“I didn’t have Nigella fighting the Tories on my 2022 bingo card but I’m here for it,」別のコメント.