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High Court orders landfill site emitting ‘life-shortening’ noxious gases to change

High Court orders landfill site emitting ‘life-shortening’ noxious gases to change
Thousands of people living close to Staffordshire facility say their physical and mental health has been affected by foul smells

The mother of a five-year-old boy has won her High Court case against the Environment Agency over the regulation of a Staffordshire landfill site accused of emitting noxious gases that risk shortening her son’s life.

Lawyers for Rebecca Currie’s son Mathew Richards claimed there is apublic health emergencyin the vicinity of Walleys Quarry in Silverdale, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

They argued hydrogen sulphide emissions being pumped from the facility are affectinghundreds and probably thousands of local people”.

Nå, in a judgement on Thursday morning, Mr Justice Fordham found in Mathew’s favour, ruling thatreal and significant changewas requiredas a matter of urgency”.

He said he accepted evidence that current hydrogen sulphide levels were placing the child on a pathway to developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – a condition which would dramatically reduce his life expectancy.

And the added: “Based on all the evidenceabout Mathew, and about the emissions, and about the implications of the emissions for MathewI am satisfied that there is a direct effect on Mathew’s home, family life and private life from adverse effects of severe environmental pollution.”

The Environment Agency, whose role is to protect the public from pollution, was joined by Walleys Quarry Ltd, the company causing the pollution, in fighting the claim.

But Judge Fordham ordered that levels of the dangerous emissions must be brought below the level that can be smelled by January.

Rebecca Currie, 41, the mother of Mathew Richards

Although Mathew was at the heart of the case, a key part of the battle also concerned the impact of the foul-smelling emissions on thousands of local residents, who were described as a “community in crisis”.

Widespread physical and mental health problems have been put down to the stenchan odour like rotting eggswhile some have complained of breathing and sleeping difficulties. Rats and gulls have all been seen in large numbers at the site.

Speaking after the ruling, Ms Currie said she was “very pleased”.

La hun til: “It gives me hope that Mathew will be able to breathe clean air and allow his lungs to develop properly without the horrible poison from Walleys Quarry Landfill Site that he and the rest of the community have had to endure for months and months…

“What’s needed now is for the Environment Agency to step up and use the powers that it has to stop any more waste being brought into the site and take action to prevent the dangerous gases ruining our health and quality of life.”

Newcastle-under-Lyme MP Aaron Bell had previously called the site amajor environmental catastrophe for the town”.