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Lizzo toca raro $55,000 flauta em 2022 com Gala

Lizzo toca raro $55,000 flauta em 2022 com Gala
Singer wore Thom Browne to 2022 com Gala

Lizzo arrived at the 2022 com Gala, and brought her famous flute-playing skills with her.

The singer walked the Met Gala red carpet wearing a golden hand-embroidered gown by Thom Browne on Monday evening. Lizzo paired the dress with a gold choker necklace and long black nails.

During the Voga red carpet livestream of the event, Lizzo revealed that her dress took 22,000 hours to make.

“Levou 22,000 hours to make this coat," ela disse. “I’m just so happy to be in it, I feel like a piece of art.”

Lizzo – whose real name is Melissa Jeffersonalso brought along her favourite accessory with her to the Met Gala: her flute. Before performing a tune for Met Gala attendees, Lizzo told Variedade that her “rare” flute was priced at $55,000.

Nas redes sociais, the unexpected performance was met with praise from viewers, with one person writing: “Lizzo pulling out her flute on the Met Gala red carpet is the biggest slay of 2022 thus far.”

“Lizzo looking gorgeous and playing her flute? Amar,”Outra pessoa tuitou, while someone else wrote: “Lizzo is a whole VIBE with her ICONIC flute.”

It’s already been a big year for Lizzo, whose new studio album Special is set for release on 15 julho. O Juice singer recently hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live, launched her shapewear brand Yitty em abril, and has confirmado that she’s in a new relationship.

The theme of this year’s Met Gala event is “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” which acts as part two of the exhibit, "Na América: A Lexicon of Fashion”. Este ano, the annual fashion event returned to its traditional date of the first Monday in May, after the pandemic cancelled the event in 2020, and lockdown orders in New York City switched the spring event to September 2021.

Met Gala attendees channeled “Gilded Glamour” on the Met Gala red carpet. Co-chair Blake Lively wore a copper Versace gown inspired by the architecture of New York City. As she walked the red carpet, she unveiled her turquoise outfit change. Kim Kardashian stunned at the Met Gala when she arrived wearing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday, Mr President” dress from 1962.