Your locks need some TLC? look no further than these leave-in conditioners

Your locks need some TLC? look no further than these leave-in conditioners
Tackle frizz, heat damage and breakage with the best leave-in hair conditioners from The Body Shop, Bumble and bumble, Living Proof and more

As we move into winter, the effects of the harsh weather outside and central heating inside, can leave hair feeling dry, lacklustre and in serious need of nourishment.

While there are a number of steps you can take in adding hydration back to your locks – such as limiting the use of heat and using regular hair masks – adding a leave-in conditioning treatment to your routine can really work wonders in repairing and moisturising your tresses.

When choosing the right leave-in treatment for you, consider your hair type and hair concern.

For those with dry, damaged hair, look for an intensely nourishing serum or cream which will hydrate without weighing down the hair. 一方, if you suffer with scalp problems or limp roots, look for a treatment that will calm irritation while giving volume.


We’ve tested a range of leave-in products that target different hair concerns to help you find the perfect solution. When compiling this line-up, we ensured that all of the products included did not leave a residue on the hair and felt weightless.


The best leave-in conditioners for 2021 です:

  • 全体的に最高– Davines oi all in one milk: £16.50, Cultbeauty.co.uk
  • Best lightweight oil – Livingproof frizz vanishing oil: £31, Livingproof.co.uk
  • Best for volume – Grow Gorgeous volume bodifying leave-in serum: £18, Lookfantastic.com
  • Best for heat protection – Bumble and Bumble full potential hair preserving booster spray: £42.91, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best for luxury – Oribe supershine light moisturising cream: £54.50, Spacenk.com
  • Best for fine hair – Shu Uemura ultimate reset duo hair serum: £33.65, Lookfantastic.com
  • Best for thick hair – KMS moist repair revival creme: £18.50, Lookfantastic.com
  • Best cruelty free formula – The Body Shop ginger scalp serum: £15, Thebodyshop.com
  • Best to reverse damage – Kérastase resistance therepiste serum: £18.90, Lookfantastic.com

Davines oi all in one milk, 50ml

ベスト: 全体

This hair milk, which comes in the form of a spritz, is extremely lightweight and won’t weigh down even the finest hair types. Despite its feather-light feel on the hair, it instantly added moisture back into our dry locks which have been known to suffer under extreme weather changes.

The “all-in-one” formula promises a long list of benefits such as adding body, 輝く, softness and silkiness to the hair, while detangling, keeping frizz at bay and protecting hair from heat styling. Applied on towel-dried hair before styling, our tester found it lived up to most of its claims.

The milk detangled her coarse unruly hair, leaving it feeling moisturised and noticeably less frizzy once blow-dried. We preferred spraying this into the palm of our hands and then running through the hair for more control of where it was going. Once applied, the product is undetectable, leaving no residue or heaviness. The result was healthy-looking manageable hair with great shine.

Livingproof frizz vanishing oil, 50ml

ベスト: Lightweight oil

While our tester previously steered clear of hair oils, which can be heavy and make the hair more prone to greasiness, Livingproof’s offering is a total game changer. A silky, lightweight oil, this not only banishes frizz, but also vanishes once applied to the hair and feels virtually undetectable.

Infused with five different oils, including nourishing jojoba, it visibly moisturises the hair but feels as weightless as a serum. We saw the best results when we applied this on damp hair before drying as it added shine but also kept flyaways and frizz at bay until our next wash day. This also works well applied to the ends of dry hair, instantly making damaged tresses look healthier. An added bonus, this treatment is safe for use on chemically treated and coloured hair.

Grow Gorgeous volume bodifying leave-in serum, 150ml

ベスト: For volume

If it’s volume that you’re after, then plump for this leave-in serum which gave us the full-bodied hair of our dreams. We found we needed just one pump of this for our whole head, as a little goes a long way. After applying on to damp locks before blow drying, our hair looked visibly lifted and felt bouncy and light.

While some volumising products can leave hair feeling a bit dry or less smooth to touch, this kept our lengths and roots feeling hydrated. We think that’s thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid; a hydrating hero ingredient that locks in moisture.

Bumble and Bumble full potential hair preserving booster spray, 125ml

ベスト: For heat protection

Damage from heat styling and colouring can often leave hair prone to breakage and brittleness. Enter Bumble and bumble’s booster spray, a treatment that promotes strength and elasticity and aims to reduce hair loss and breakage. Suitable for all hair types, the treatment also contains scalp calming menthol as well as UV absorbers which protect against UV damage.

While we did find this treatment difficult to apply at first – the spray nozzle shoots out squirts of product as opposed to evenly distributing it – we found it worked best when applied to the hands first and then worked into the scalp and hair after washing. Upon blow drying, we noticed an instant lift in volume. A few uses later, our tester found her hair felt stronger and more manageable.

Oribe supershine light moisturising cream, 150ml

ベスト: For luxury

This moisturising cream adds a luscious shine to the hair and noticeably tames frizz, making blow-drying our hair considerably easier than usual. The cream, which is applied to wet hair before blow-drying, comes in two versions: normal and light. While our tester has relatively thick hair, we preferred the feel of the light version which adds moisture and shine without weighing the hair down.

Infused with keratin as well as vitamins A and C, the formula aims to protect the hair’s shaft and enhance the hair’s natural colour and shine. As it is a cream consistency, we recommend applying while hair is still wet, rather than damp, to ensure the product does not leave any residue once dry.

Shu Uemura ultimate reset duo hair serum, 30ml

ベスト: For fine hair

Taking inspiration from ancient Japanese beauty rituals, this serum is infused with rice extract to hydrate and protect the hair. The result is a creamy serum that nourishes the hair without feeling greasy or heavy once applied. It also incorporates a blend of oils to strengthen hair and prevent future damage.

Similarly to other serums in our line-up, this works best on towel-dried hair before styling. Upon first application, we noticed how much shinier and softer our hair looked and felt. If you have fine hair that needs a little extra TLC, this is the leave-in treatment for you.

KMS moist repair revival creme, 125ml

ベスト: For thick hair

This moisturising hair cream is perfect for thick, coarse hair which suffers from dryness, especially in the winter months. After washing, apply a dime-sized amount to the hands and work it into the palms before distributing it through towel-dried hair. We found a little went a long way with this product.

While the cream is intensely moisturising and our hair dries noticeably less frizzy when using this, we recommend avoiding the roots and concentrating the product on the lengths and ends as it can weigh down some hair types.

The Body Shop ginger scalp serum, 50ml

ベスト: Cruelty free formula

The latest addition to The Body Shop’s ginger-infused hair care range, this serum helps restore balance to the scalp. Formulated to be used in between washes, apply a few drops of this to the scalp in sections on dry hair. Within the first day of using this, our tester’s usually itchy scalp was less irritated. Within a week, her oily scalp felt fresher and cleaner and hair felt lighter, bouncier and more full-bodied.

Kérastase resistance therepiste serum, 30ml

ベスト: To reverse damage

For those who regularly use heat to style their hair, this serum acts as both a heat protectant and a treatment to reverse damage, claiming to resurface the structure of the hair. While it may take a few months of regular use to put these claims to the test, we did find that our split ends were less noticeable and the ends of the hair looked and felt well-conditioned with the use of this serum.

It is designed for use on thick hair, but we actually found the formula to be quite weightless and think this would also work well for medium hair types. Be sure to apply this to wet hair, avoiding roots, and comb through before drying.

評決: Leave-in hair conditioners

If you’re looking for a hair treatment that does it all, Davines’s OI all in one milk will hydrate even the thickest of hair types, provide heat protection and manageability, all while feeling completely weightless.

For those looking to boost volume and lift limp roots, お勧めします Grow Gorgeous’s volume bodifying leave-in serum which gave our hair salon-worthy bounce.


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