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Man with ‘fake gun’ loses prosthetic leg during attempted bank robbery

Man with ‘fake gun’ loses prosthetic leg during attempted bank robbery
Police are reportedly looking for an accomplice who fled scene in Alicante

A man has reportedly been arrested after trying to rob a bank with a fake gun and his prosthetic leg came off during a struggle with customers and staff.

The attempted robbery took place in Alicante in southern Espanha na sexta, reportagem da mídia local.

While one man was able to flee the scene, another was detained by police, de acordo com relatórios.

A fake gun was used in the attempt to rob the Sabadell Bank branch off Plaza de America in the Spanish city, reportagem da mídia local.

Employees and a client managed to bring one of the robbers to the ground, according to local online newspaper Informacion.

During the struggle, his prosthetic leg reportedly fell off and he was later arrested by police at the scene.

Witnesses said his gun was “so obviously fake”, de acordo com

The man is said to be a 45-year-old Italian who was disguised in a cap and glasses as he attempted to rob the bank.

He is reportedly already known to police.

Police are now trying to find his accomplice who fled the scene, de acordo com a mídia local.

Officers are also reportedly looking for other people seen outside the bank at the time of the attempted robbery,