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UAE children’s magazine accused of promoting homosexuality with ‘gay issue’

UAE children’s magazine accused of promoting homosexuality with ‘gay issue’
Emirati authorities have launched probe against comic that depicted multi-coloured character

United Arab Emirates has reportedly launched an investigation against a children’s magazine for allegedly promoting homosexuality.

The probe against Majid, a popular comic book anthology and magazine for children in the Arab world, comes days after it withdrew its May issue, de acordo com New Arab.

The comic depicted a multi-colored character, quem disse: “Amazing, I have the capability to colour things… Ali will wish to become like me.”

Some social media users claimed that the magazine deliberately played on the Arabic word “mithli”, which is used to refer to both a “homosexual” and “like me”.

The UAE, like other nations in the wider Middle East, is a Muslim-led country that criminalises same-sex relationships, awarding up to 14 years of imprisonment.

This crackdown by Emirati authorities is only the latest on queer communities in the region.

No início deste mês, the country banned Pixar’s Lightyear porque o Toy Story spinoff reportedly included a same-sex kiss.

While officials had secured a license to play the film in the UAE, it was revoked following outrage on social media where users accused Disney and Lightyear of insulting Islam.

No início deste mês, authorities in Arábia Saudita seized rainbow-themed children’s items from shops as they claimed that the colours encourage homosexuality. de forma similar, authorities in neighbouring Qatar had announced in December that they had confiscated rainbow-coloured toys from shops.

Em abril, the Disney/Marvel release Doctor Strange in the Muliverse of Madness was also denied a release in Saudi Arabia and other countries over LGBT+ content.