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Rami Malek sympathises with villains in opening SNL monologue

Rami Malek sympathises with villains in opening SNL monologue
Rami Malek made his debut as host on SNL this evening

Rami Malek has made his debut on Saturday Night Live this evening.

Die Geen tyd om te sterf nie actor’s monologue focused on his love of playing villains, with a reference to his recent outing as the evil Lyutsifer Safin in the latest Bond movie.

"Jy weet, I’ve played a lot of dramatic roles in my career—most recently, the new Bond villain—but I don’t usually do comedy,” the actor said.

“I tend to do these really intense characters, which makes a lot of sense because people tell me I have what’s called a ‘resting villain face.’”

Malek said that while he know most people would rather “play the hero, he’s “always been more drawn” to villains.

“I sympathise with them, jy weet,”Gaan hy voort. “In Lion King, I’m Team Scar. I actually found Simba to be kind of annoying. You want to be king? You’re like three years old. Relax.”

Malek then went on to deadpan that when watching Silence of the Lambs, he feels sorry for Hannibal. “That poor Hannibal. ek bedoel, that lady just keeps coming in and asking him all these questions. Dis soos, leave the guy alone, Clarice!”

Hy het voortgegaan: "Byvoorbeeld, Jaws is hungry. Dracula’s thirsty. Frankenstein’s…horny. Darth Vader? He’s just trying to reconnect with his son,” he joked. “And Freddy Kreuger? Encouraging kids to dream.”

Malek went on to say how grateful he is for the roles that have come his way and went on to discuss his heritage.

“I never thought this would be my life. I’m the son of Egyptian immigrants and I had this kind of sheltered childhood,” Malek said. “I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in LA, but somehow, I had no idea that I lived right next to Hollywood…I truly thought that that was a million miles away, and it’s just a 10-minute drive. Wel, it’s three hours with traffic.”

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The actor said he “loved” growing up in Los Angeles with his family, including his mother, vader, sister and twin brother. Both his siblings were watching in the audience.

Malek joked: “Ja, I’ve got a twin brother, and yes, he will be swapping places with me in one sketch tonight, and you’ll never know which one,” he joked. “It might even be right now…No, I’m just kidding. It’s me, Rami. Or is it?”

“I’m so proud of them. They are truly incredible people and they’ve devoted their lives to helping others,” he said of his siblings. “But I have an Oscar, so…”

Earlier in the show, Malek was joined by Bond co-star Daniel Craig for a skit about late musician, Prins.