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Pocket major savings on Emma mattress this festive period

Pocket major savings on Emma mattress this festive period
An award-winning bed is closer than you think

Arguably the most important piece of furniture you’ll ever own, a good mattress is key for healthy sleep, the kind that leaves you feeling rested, refreshed and bouncing out of bed in the morningeven in deepest, darkest winter.

Mattresses are notoriously big ticket items, but now you can get your hands on a top-quality model for less thanks to Emma mattress.

The bed-in-a-box brand is the most-awarded in the UK, and it’s offering major savings right now, med opptil 45 per cent off the cost of some of its products.

It’s not just the German-engineered mattresses on offer either: Emma offers a range of sleep accessories from bed frames, til pillows og duvets, og en weighted blanket which can help soothe anxiety and promote better sleep.

When it comes to the mattresses, all of which are manufactured in the UK to minimise its carbon footprint, there are three to choose from. Each comes with a 200-night trial so you can give it a thorough testing, along with a 10 year manufacturer warranty for complete peace of mind. You’ll also enjoy complimentary delivery directly to your door (or preferred address), so there’s no need to worry about hauling one home from a faraway showroom or trying to squeeze it into the back of a car boot.

Hva mer, for every order placed on Emma’s website the company will plant a tree through its partners, One Tree Planted. What’s not to love?

We’ve spotlighted some of Emma’s top deals to help you upgrade your sleep experience. Scroll on to discover how to enhance your space and have the sleep of your dreams.

Emma Original Mattress: Was: £499, now £274.45

The one that started it all, Emma’s Original Mattress will change the way you sleep. It’s engineered from four layers, starting with a long-lasting and highly resilient foam foundation designed to resist sagging over the years and distribute body weight evenly. Above that sits a layer of groundbreaking Point Elastic Airgocell® technology that regulates body temperature throughout the night and boasts moisture-wicking propertiesno more waking up a hot, sweaty mess.

The comes a layer of adaptive Halo Memory Foam that helps keep your spine in line while also relieving pressure to keep you comfortable and deep in slumber. Finally there’s the Emma UltraDry Original Cover, an additional layer of moisture-wicking protection that can be removed and is washable too. Prices vary depending on size.

Shop now at 45 prosent avslag

Emma Premium Mattress: Was: £ 749, Now £411.95

For those who enjoy the support offered by springs, Emma offers a hybrid option that brings together the best of both worlds. The Premium has everything the Original offers, plus two additional layers to boost the firmness to a medium-firm level of tension.

One is a section of 5 Zone CarbonFlex™ springs which change as your body moves through the night to safeguard spinal alignment and keep you properly supported. The other is an extra layer of Airgocell® foam that works to enhance airflow and give extra support under the shoulders and hips.

Shop now at 45 prosent avslag

Emma Mattress Protector single size (90 x 190cm): Was £109, now £54.50

Boost your mattress’s longevity with Emma’s protector, a waterproof sleeve ideal for anyone with allergiesit shields against dust mites and allergens too. Breathable and comfortable, it’s crinkle-free so you won’t even notice it’s there.

Buy now at 50 prosent avslag

Emma bed frames

Do your new mattress proud by setting it atop a handsome bed frame. Emma has three to choose from: de Emma Signature Bed, de Emma Signature Storage Bed og Emma Platform Bed. Each option boasts a clean smart style that promises to make your bedroom boutique hotel-level beautiful. All available in a range of sizes.

Shop now for up to 45 prosent avslag

Emma Cloud Duvet: Was £109, now £54.50 for a single size

There’s nothing like being wrapped in a warm duvet, especially when there’s howling wind and rain outside. Med en 6.7 tog rating, Emma’s microfibre duvet is made for the autumn and spring months when the British weather is particularly temperamental. Machine washable at 60 grader.

Shop now at 50 prosent avslag

Emma Original Pillow: Was £119, now £59.50

If you prefer your pillow on the firmer side, you’ll love Emma’s Original Pillow. It’s made from three-layers of memory foam and is suitable for any sleep position, offering top-notch comfort and breathability while you catch your 40 winks.

Shop now and get 50 prosent avslag

Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow: Was £119, now £59.50

However you like to sleepfront, back or sidea pillow with proper support is a universal need. Emma’s pillow offers soft support for all sleeping positions and is an excellent alternative to down-filled designs without the allergies or annoying clumping. De 50 x 70cm microfibre pillow is machine washable so you can keep it feeling fresh by adding it to your next wash.

Shop now for 50 prosent avslag

Emma Hug Weighted Blanket: Var £129, now £70.95

Offering a sense of calmness, a weighted blanket can work wonders if you’ve been struggling to nod off. Emma’s Hug is made with seven layers and does what it says on the tin, cuddling you into a haze of blissful relaxation. It weighs 7kg and comes with an optional bamboo cover, which promotes air flow, leaving you cool and comfortable.

Shop now for 45 prosent avslag

Emma Washed Linen: Was £259, now £142.45

Sweet dreams may begin with a mattress, but they finish with luxe bed linen. Emma’s washed linen sets come in a range of stylish colourways and are made from soft, breathable French flax that keeps you warm and cosy in the winter, and cool in the summer. Ideal for year-round use.

Shop now at 45 prosent avslag

Head to Emma to save up to 45 per cent this festive period