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Gunman attempts to assassinate Louisville mayoral candidate in his office

Gunman attempts to assassinate Louisville mayoral candidate in his office
No one injured but one shot hit Craig Greenberg’s clothing

A gewapende man tried to assassinate Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg by walking into his office and opening fire on him, sê die polisie.

The attacker took several shots at the Demokraties candidate at his office in the Kentucky city on Monday morning, but authorities say that no one was hurt in the incident.

Police Chief Erika Shields say they believe Mr Greenberg, whose clothes were hit by one round, was the target of the shooting.

“We consider ourselves very fortunate today,” Chief Shields said as she confirmed one person had been taken into custody and that they are believed to have acted alone.

“We’re going to keep an open mind and proceed with an abundance of caution,” Chief Shields added.

Mr Greenberg took to Twitter to ensure people that he had been unharmed in the shocking incident.

“My team and I are fortunately all safe. We are all with LMPD now. I will provide an update as soon as possible. Thank you for the outpouring of support,”Het hy getwiet.

He has previously said that public safety in the city will be his top priority if elected later this year and has called for the funding of a “community-oriented police force.”

David Nicholson, a Democrat also running, said he had now taken extra security precautions.

“I was immediately notified of the shooting by LMPD, and I have since spoken with Mr. Greenberg,” Mr Nicholson said.

“While our campaign received no prior threats or indication of danger, my campaign has taken the necessary precautions to protect my family, campaign team and my self.”

Bill Dieruf, a Republican candidate for Louisville mayor, condemned the shooting.

“Our prayers go out to Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg and his family and staff,” het hy in 'n verklaring gesê.

“The shooting incident at his office today cannot be condoned. Trust that an incident such as this must not deter candidates from seeking the very best for this community.”