Davina McCall ‘feels violated’ after boyfriend’s house was burgled

Davina McCall ‘feels violated’ after boyfriend’s house was burgled
Former ‘Big Brother’ presenter is dating hairdresser Michael Douglas

Davina McCall has revealed her boyfriend Michael Douglas’s house was broken into by burglars, saying the incident has left her feeling “violated”.

The presenter and her partner, who is a hairdresser, weren’t home at the time. It has been reported that the thieves stole a safe containing valuables.

“It’s just feeling violated,” she told The Sun on Sunday. “Anyone who’s been burgled knows what that feels like. It makes you want to move out. I hate it. It’s a horrible feeling.”

Douglas has since installed CCTV at the house. “If anyone enters my house day or night, I get a ping on my phone,” he said.

The couple have been dating for two years after being friends for decades.

Earlier this year, McCall was praised for her “informative and caring” documentary about the menopause.

The Channel 4 programme Sex, Myths and the Menopause aired in May, and saw the formerBig Brother presenter discuss her own experience of going through the menopause, as well as the way society and doctors treat menopausal women.

Among the most shocking revelations was the fact that two thirds of women who approach their GPs about experiencing the common symptoms of anxiety and depression while menopausal were offered antidepressants rather than Hormone Replacement Therapy, despite the NHS stating that HRT should be offered first.