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McCarthy and House Republicans slams Capitol riot committee ahead of first hearing

McCarthy and House Republicans slams Capitol riot committee ahead of first hearing
Comes ahead of the first hearing from the select committee on the Capitol riot featuring two Republicans.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy laid out his complaints about the select committee on the capitol riot in a press conference ahead of the first hearing of its first hearing.

Mr McCarthy said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was to blame for the structural failures during the riot, which was started by supporters of former president Donald Trump trying to overturn the presidential election results. He said there were questions within the structure of the speaker’s office and whether they were denied the authority to bring the National Guard.

The Republican leader reiterated his questions about why the Capitol was ill-prepared and what can be done to prevent it again.

“But unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi will only pick on people onto the committee that will ask the questions she wants asked,” McCarthy said. “That becomes a failed committee and a failed report.”

Mr McCarthy had previously pulled his choices for the select committee after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to seat Reps Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana, both of whom are vociferous defenders of former president Donald Trump.

Republican Whip Steve Scalise said Mrs Pelosi was trying to cover up facts she didn’t want the public to know and Mr Jordan and Mr Banks were raising important questions.”

“Now maybe because they were raising those questions, they got canceled by this new cancel culture that we see moving throughout the country led by Speaker Pelosi and a lot of her socialist allies," ele disse.

Mr Jordan accused Democrats of not being willing to have a strong security presence after they endorsed Black Lives Matter protests, which is a repeat of what he has said in the past of Democrats normalising violence.

“When you spend a year talking about defunding the police and actually defunding the police, it’s kind of hard to have more police here,” Mr Jordan said.

After McCarthy’s removal of his members, Mrs Pelosi also appointed Illinois Rep Adam Kinzinger, a Republican who voted to create the select committee and to impeach Mr Trump.

One of Mrs Pelosi’s initial choices was fellow Republican Rep Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump. She was subsequently replaced as Republican conference chairwoman by Rep Elise Stefanik, who criticized Pelosi.

“She’s an authoritarian who has broken the people’s House,” Mrs Stefanik said of Mrs Pelosi. “She is a lame duck speaker and everyone knows it.”

Mr McCarthy’s other selections included Troy Nehls of Texas, Rodney Davis of Illinois and Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota, whom Pelosi did not pull from the committee. But they also opted not to participate.

“This is the only situation in the history of a select committee by a speaker to try to pre-determine what can be asked and what the results can take place," ele disse.

Mr Nehls laid into Mr Kinzinger and Mrs Cheney for being on the committee and their frequent criticisms of Mr Trump.

“The only so-called Republicans on the committee are on the committee to grandstand and attack the former president because of their own personal vendettas," ele disse. “Those Pelosi Republicans are not interested in the truth. They’re interested in getting even.”