Rose McGowan claims she ‘stands with Nicki Minaj’ after Covid controversy

Rose McGowan claims she ‘stands with Nicki Minaj’ after Covid controversy
Rapper sparked uproar after posting the unsubstantiated story to her millions of followers

Rose McGowan has shared an Instagram post aligning herself with Nicki Minaj following the rapper’s controversial claim about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Minaj’s unsubstantiated post to her millions of followers on social media alleged that a friend of her cousin in Trinidad experienced “swollen testicles” after getting the jab.

The claim was dismissed as false by Trinidad and Tobago’s health minister, who criticised Minaj for wasting their time.

McGowan has now weighed in with a vague statement posted to Instagram in which she claims anyone who disagrees with Minaj is “scared to examine the thought too closely”.

“I stand with Nicki Minaj and all who see what is happening,” she wrote, alongside a video of her dancing in front of a photo of Minaj.

“Both of us know the powerful elite and it’s likely you do not. If you are freaking out because she said something you don’t believe, it’s most likely because you are scared to examine the thought too closely. Millionaires have become billionaires, billionaires are now trillionaires. Think. Question. Just cos you want to believe what your cult leaders say, doesn’t make it fact.”

Minaj’s post sparked reactions from the White House and the British government earlier this week. Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, said she should be “ashamed” of her seemingly anti-vax message and said it was “designed to scare”.

Impotence is not listed as a potential side-effect by the NHS or the US’s Centres for Disease Control and Prevention websites, and there is no evidence to suggest that the vaccine causes fertility problems.

Some critics have accused Minaj of using the post as a way of distracting from her husband’s ongoing legal issues.

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