Flight attendant reveals meaning behind the ‘chime sounds’ you hear on airplanes

Flight attendant reveals meaning behind the ‘chime sounds’ you hear on airplanes
Influencer Tommy Cimato explains what one, two and three beeps mean when you are on a plane

Flight attendant Tommy Cimato has shared what the chime sounds mean on airplanes in an online viral video.

The distinctive two-toned beeps are used to signal to cabin crew, explains Mr Cimato in his short TikTok clip, which has racked up 5.1m views and half a million likes since it was posted on Monday.

Two chimes means “one flight attendant is trying to call another flight attendant, or the flight deck is trying to call us”, said the flight attendant from Phoenix on screen from a plane.

“If you hear three of those, that means it’s an emergency,” he says. “If you hear one tone, that means a passenger is calling one of the flight attendants from their seat, or they could be calling us from the lavatory”.

“New fear unlocked: Hearing three tones,” one TikToker wrote in the comments of the video. “I always thought it meant an announcement is gonna be made,” wrote another.

It comes as part of a craze of TikTok videos that explain the inner workings of plane travel, including info on flight attendants’ work patterns, weird things cabin crew have been asked by passengers, how planes are guided into airports, and how to use a neck pillow correctly.

It’s not the first time influencer Cimato has gone viral. In August he accumulated more than 3.5m views telling people the five things they should never do when travelling on a plane for hygiene reasons – including wearing shorts, touching the flush button in the toilet and leaning your head on the window.