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Boris Johnson says Team GB gold medals show ‘very best of country’

Boris Johnson says Team GB gold medals show ‘very best of country’
Team GB matches number of medals won at London 2012 spill

Boris Johnson has praised Team GB for its medal-winning performance during the Tokyo spill, saying it had demonstrated “there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

The team’s 65-medal haul from the Tokyo games matches the number earned at the London 2012 Olympics and is only two short of the record set in the 2016 Rio competition.

Praising the Olympians for their “grace in victory and amazing courage in defeat” he said the team had been supported by fans in homes, pubs and offices across the nation.

Han sa: “These past two weeks, Team GB have shown us the very best of this country – demonstrating our sportsmanship, hard work and determination.

“From record-breaking performances in the pool to gravity-defying runs in skateboarding and BMX, this team has shown extraordinary depth and breadth of talent.”

Great Britain’s Jason Kenny (senter) celebrates his keirin gold on the podium on the final day of the Tokyo Olympics (Danny Lawson/PA Images).

Mr Johnson also commended those behind the scenes who helped the whose hours of coaching and training were “instrumental” to the team’s success.

Han sa: “This team has shown that even in the most difficult circumstances, sport brings people together and changes lives. You have shown grace in victory and amazing courage in defeat.

“And whilst you may not have heard the roar of the crowd in Tokyo, every one of you has given us a reason to cheer back home – in living rooms, pubs, parks and offices across the land.

“Above all, you have again revealed the central truth about this country: that when we put our minds to it, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

“Thank you Team GB. We are so, so proud of you. Now bring on Paris!”

Mr Johnson also praised the two champions of the final day – cyclist Jason Kenny, who took gold in the keirin and Lauren Price whose middleweight victory capped a “brilliant Games for British boxing.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also offered his congratulations to the “Welsh wonder” Price and the “phenomenal” ride by Kenny in the velodrome.

“Jason has thrilled us through four Olympics winning more medals and golds than any other British athlete in history. Simply superb," han sa.