Priests join in mocking Megyn Kelly over her ‘scoop’ that the pope may resign

Priests join in mocking Megyn Kelly over her ‘scoop’ that the pope may resign
Former Fox News host posted video from Vatican, which she visited on vacation

Megyn Kelly has been mocked for her seemingly unfounded Twitter report that Pope Francis was about to resign, with priests even having fun at her expense.

Kelly took to Twitter from the Vatican, which she visited on vacation, to say that she had seen a number of Cardinals, which her tour guide had insisted was “unusual.”

Her trip to the Vatican coincided with the Pope cancelling a trip to Africa because of knee issues he is suffering, and calling a meeting of Cardinals in August.

“We just happened to be here on a family vacation when we just read that news broke about this pope, Pope Francis, possibly getting ready to resign. Unconfirmed but I’ll tell you inside the Vatican moments ago we saw a ton of Cardinals, which our guide tells us is highly unusual, they’re not used to seeing that. That’s not normal,” Kelly said on her video.

And she added: “And moments earlier when we were in the Sistine Chapel, a priest or bishop, unclear, came in and gave us a blessing. Also highly unusual. What was he doing there? Why was he doing that? What did he know? But there’s a lot of buzz going on right here, so. News as we get it.”

Jesuit priest Robert Ballecer took to Twitter to tease the former Fox News host.

“I mean… Kudos to you for getting your office to spring for a trip to Rome,” he tweeted. “But I live here, and large groups of Cardinals/priests/nuns are not unusual.”

And others pointed out that the additional Cardinals were most likely attending the annual World Meeting of Families this week.

Journalist Ines San Martin, who covers the Vatican for the  Crux newspaper joined in the fun.

“Nothing unusual in having clergy in St Peter’s. Nor in them saying Mass, blessing people. It’s not even unusual she had a really bad tour guide who made things up, fueled fake news. Knee pain is no reason for a person to quit their job. I would have quit mine in 2020,” she tweeted.

Other Twitter users posted pictures of cardinal birds and players from the St Louis Cardinals baseball team and claimed they also had a scoop.