Former NSYNC member Lance Bass opens up about psoriatic arthritis diagnosis

Former NSYNC member Lance Bass opens up about psoriatic arthritis diagnosis
Singer originally ignored the pain, attributing it to being a dancer

Former NSYNC band member Lance Bass has opened up about his struggles with psoriatic arthritis and his plans to spread awareness about the condition.

The boy band singer was initially diagnosed with the disease – categorised as inflammatory arthritis that often causes joint pain, stiffness, and swelling – five years ago, but initially brushed off the pain, attributing it to being a dancer.

“It definitely started in my shoulders and then in my knees,” Bass explained to People. “And again, to me, that was just such a sign of dancer pain, so I just thought it was completely normal, totally ignoring the sign.”

He added that while he noticed patches of psoriasis on his scalp as he was dealing with joint pain, he “just figured it was because of dancing”.

Now the musician has partnered with biotech company Amgen in a new campaign, to share his experience and shed light on psoriatic arthritis to those who may not know about it.

According to the site, it “affects as many as 1 million Americans, and it generally appears between the ages of 30 and 50”.

Through the use of a choreographed “fun and educational dance,” a take on “head, shoulders, knees and toes,” Bass said: “We wanted to make it very easy for people out there. Kids and adults alike can enjoy this dance.”

<p>Lance Bass </p>

Lance Bass

He added: “It’s a dance where you’ll recognise the signs and conditions through your nails, your knees, your hips, and your head, and we just want to make sure people take a double take.”

Although it took years for Bass to finally receive a diagnosis, he said he’s grateful, especially now being a father.

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“I’m glad I got that under control before the kids came so that I can actually hold them without being in such excruciating pain.”