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The new ‘Love Island’ merch is 100% your type on paper

The new ‘Love Island’ merch is 100% your type on paper
The contestants have been announced – Love Island is back on our screens on 28 juni. Here’s how to shop the new insulated water bottle and more merch in the UK

Summer is here and with it comes the return of none other than Kjærlighetsøya. Following its hiatus last year, ITV answered our prayers and kunngjort that its beloved reality TV series would be back on our screens from Monday 28 juni. Proving that 2021 might well be the year of the summer of love.

While there’s currently no confirmation on where the villa is, it will most likely be back in its OG location of Mallorca with Laura Whitmore returning as this year’s presenter.

As for this year’s romantic hopefuls, ITV announced the islanders on social media, with an important post the day prior encouraging fans to be compassionate towards the contestants, in line with its new welfare measures, skriving: “We’re so grateful they’re letting us follow their journey this summer. We hope you enjoy the show, but please think before you post.”

If all this news has got you excited, we’ve got an even better announcement for you, the signature Kjærlighetsøya water bottles are back, but with a brand new look – and we think it’s going to be 100 per cent your type on paper. They’re now available in a slimmer design, have a matte white finish and are insulated, so your water will stay chilled for longer.

But that’s not the only merch on offer, so if you want to inject some Kjærlighetsøya glamour into your life, we’ve found all the best tote bags, washbags and more ahead of this year’s show – chances are you’ll have your head turned.

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Du kan stole på våre uavhengige sammenstillinger. Vi kan tjene provisjon fra noen av forhandlerne, men vi lar aldri dette påvirke valgene, som er dannet av virkelige tester og ekspertråd. Disse inntektene er med på å finansiere journalistikk på tvers Den uavhengige.

Love Island Official new insulated water bottle, personalised: £ 20, Loveislandshop.co.uk

If the news of Kjærlighetsøya’s return didn’t get you excited, these new water bottles sure as hell will. While they feature the same straw lid, they have a slimmer design and a matte white finish, but best of all, they boast an insulated body, making them suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Selvfølgelig, you can personalise with our name, choosing a pink, blue or orange font. You’re not going to be mugged off with this one.

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Love Island Official classic water bottle: £ 8, Loveislandshop.co.uk

Selvfølgelig, if you’d rather stick with the OG, this bottle has a clear outer and a capacity of 740ml. If you want to add a flavour to your water, it features a removable fruit infuser, which is right up our street. This one however is not personalisable.

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Love Island Official hold suitcase: £ 80, Loveislandshop.co.uk

Want to replicate that islander look while you’re holidaying in a villa? You need this suitcase. We’re here for the minimalist design and the fact you can personalise it. It has a capacity of 95l, meaning there’s plenty of space for all the clothing and accessories you’d need. If you’re looking for a matching small suitcase, or something for shorter jaunts, the Love Island cabin suitcase (£ 55, Loveislandshop.co.uk) is also available.

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Love Island Official phone case: £ 10, Loveislandshop.co.uk

“I’ve got a text!” If you’re prone to dropping your phone, or just want to give your mobile the Kjærlighetsøya se, this is the case you need. As with the majority of the offical merch, you can choose personalise with pink, blue or orange font. It’s available for a full range of phone models, også.

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Love Island official washbag: £ 12, Loveislandshop.co.uk

While holidaying abroad might not be on the cards, for nå, staycations are – so, chances are your washbag needs an upgrade. Enter this number from the official Kjærlighetsøya shop. It’s made from clear plastic, so you can easily see your essentials instead of rummaging around.

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