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Woman shares bizarre messages stranger has been sending her for months

Woman shares bizarre messages stranger has been sending her for months
‘Sometimes if I don’t get a ‘goodnight queen’ it hurts my feelings,’ she jokes

A woman has revealed that she receives the same kind message from a stranger on Instagram each day, and that the daily message always reads: “Goodnight queen.”

In 'n TikTok video posted last November, @gracejohanna scrolled through her Instagram messages from someone named “Eric,” who constantly sends her goodnight texts.

“I have proof that if he wanted to, he would,” Grace said at the start of the video. “I don’t even know this guy.”

As she showed the messages she’s received from him via Instagram, each of which says: “Goodnight queen,” she explained that Eric has been sending her this “every single night” since May 2021.

In die video, she also revealed how each message ends with a number, in order for Eric to track how many “goodnight queen” texts he’s sent.

“I’m really attached to it now,” Grace joked in the video. “Sometimes if I don’t get a ‘goodnight queen,’ it, soos, hurts my feelings.”

As for whether she responds, sy het gese: “Sometimes I say ‘goodnight back,’” before adding that the exchange has “lasted longer than some of my relationships”.

“I feel like everyone deserves to be told ‘goodnight queen’ every single night for the rest of their life, and I love this. We are almost at 200,” she continued.

Grace also praised the stranger for his consistent messages in the caption of the video, where she wrote: “We should be saying goodnight king to him!”

The TikTok clip has since been viewed more than 26.7m times, with viewers applauding Eric’s dedication in sending the messages to Grace.

“He really bout that. Gotta respect the commitment,” one person wrote, terwyl 'n ander gesê het: “That’s kinda sweet.”

Someone else said: “Imagine he’s still doing it bc he lowkey also got attached to it and now can’t go to sleep without saying gn first.”

Egter, there were some viewers who accused Grace of leading the man on, with one individual claiming that she’s “purely using this guy to make herself feel good”.

The comment prompted disagreement from many other viewers, with someone else noting that Grace is “not obligated to give anyone a chance”.

“Leading him on? She ignored him like 80 times in a row,” another viewer wrote.

Grace has since posted a follow-up video in response to the comments that said she was leading Eric on, in which she explained that he doesn’t even follow her on Instagram and that she simply thought the messages were “just funny”.

“I’m not forcing him to do it," sy het gese. “I’m not asking him to do it. I have crazier s*** in my DMs. Let’s talk about that. You want to see that? Ask any girl.”

She emphasised that she shared the interaction because it made her “smile,” before also noting that, although she has said goodnight back to Eric, he hasn’t responded, as he’ll just go back to saying “goodnight queen”.

“It’s really not that deep,”Het sy bygevoeg.

Die Onafhanklike has contacted Grace for a comment.