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Freaks and Geeks star Jerry Messing ‘struggling to survive’ after catching Covid

Freaks and Geeks star Jerry Messing ‘struggling to survive’ after catching Covid
Former child actor was admitted to hospital earlier this week

Freaks and Geeks actor Jerry Messing has been placed on a ventilator after contracting Covid-19, ifølge rapporter.

The former child’s star father, James, fortalte TMZ that Messing is “struggling to survive” and “nobody is allowed to visit him”.

Messing, who is partially vaccinated, apparently started feeling “short of breath” before his symptoms rapidly worsened over the last few days.

Skuespilleren, who played the geeky Gordon Crisp on the US comedy series, lives in Tampa, Florida, with his parents, both of whom are double jabbed and have so far tested negative for Covid. Messing had only received one jab when he became ill, sa faren hans.

When Messing started feeling very sick, his father tested his oxygen levels. After they were recorded as low, he called an ambulance and he was immediately transferred to hospital.

As well as his role in Freaks and Geeks, which launched the career of Seth Rogen, Messing also found fame as the “Tips Fedora Meme”, a viral photo of the actor where he posed in homage to The Blues Brothers.

Messing also appeared in other popular TV series such as Even Stevens og Mr Show before retiring from acting in 2003, just three years after landing the role for which he is best known.

I de senere år, he has been performing parody songs and Christmas themed poetry on YouTube.