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Vrou van Britse miljoenêr wat in seiljagongeluk dood is, sê 'lewe het binne sekondes verander'

Vrou van Britse miljoenêr wat in seiljagongeluk dood is, sê 'lewe het binne sekondes verander'
Dean Kronsbein suffered fatal injuries after falling overboard during crash in Porto Cervo

The wife of a British millionaire killed in a yacht crash said her “life changed in a matter of seconds,” as investigations into the devastating accident continue.

Dean Kronsbein, 61, was fatally injured in the crash, which occurred off Sardinia on Sunday, 31 Julie.

Mr Kronsbein was thrown overboard into the water when the 70ft Amore yacht collided with rocks off Porto Cervo, with further investigations revealing the businessman died of a heart attack after he fell.

His wife Sabine, 59, suffered serious injuries in the incident as did their daughter Sophia, 27, who has undergone treatment at a specialist head injuries hospital.

Sabine told investigators asking her what happened: “All I remember is the other yacht coming for us at speed and then our captain said ‘everyone on the floor, everyone down’ and then we hit the rocks,” MailOnline berigte.

“My life has changed in a matter of seconds, I’m devastated by what’s happened, everything has changed but I want to defend the captain of our yacht for his actions, he was trying to save us. He didn’t do anything wrong.”

<p>The yacht was damaged after crashing into rocks off Sardinia</bl>

The yacht was damaged after crashing into rocks off Sardinia

Volgens berigte, the captain of the yachtidentified as Mario Lallonewas questioned by authorities in connection with the crash. Daarbenewens, captain Luigi Cortese, the captain of Sweet Dragonanother boat involved in the tragedy and owned by Italian PM Silvio Berlusconiwas also questioned.

Lawyer Egidio Caredda said: “They just want to find out exactly what happened so they have the full picture of the circumstances leading to Mr Kronsbein’s death.”

Mr Kronsbein was the founder and chairman of Ultrafilter Medicala multi-million-pound company which manufactures face masks for NHS workers. In 2020 he bought a four-bedroom villa in Sardinia after renting regularly in the area.

Vroeër die jaar, Mr Kronsbein led the Great British Mask Giveaway, skenk 100,000 to locals in Grimsby where he grew up.

Mr Kronsbein’s younger sister, Sarah Kronsbein, posted on Instagram: “RIP my older brother Dean Kronsbein. I can not find words which explain what I feel. I will love you! My thoughts are with Dean’s family.”

A spokesperson for the family said Mr Kronsbein was a “much-loved family man.”

“It is with great sadness that we can confirm that Dean Kronsbein has been killed in a boating accident,”Het die woordvoerder gesê.

“A much-loved and respected family man, friend and business colleague, it is a tremendous shock and he will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege to know him. We politely request that the family are allowed time and space to come to terms with their loss.”