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20 hours a week on second job ‘fine’ minister says – siga ao vivo

20 hours a week on second job ‘fine’ minister says - siga ao vivo
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Watch live as Boris Johnson faces Keir Starmer at PMQs

It is “reasonable” for MPs to spend up to 20 hours each week on their second jobs, a Tory minister has suggested.

International trade secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan made the comment amid the ongoing sleaze escândalo, que Boris Johnson has sought to distance himself from by backing a Labour move to ban MPs from performing consultancy roles. A vote on the issue will take place on Wednesday afternoon.

Despite its U-turn on second jobs, the government’s messaging on the topic remains muddled, with Ms Trevelyan saying in a different interview on Wednesday that between 10 e 15 hours of non-parliamentary work was acceptable.

Enquanto isso, it has been reported that a friend of cabinet minister Michael Gove won more than £160 million in EPI contracts after being referred by him through a “VIP” lane.

The communities secretary recommended Meller Designs, a company which is co-owned by Conservative donor David Meller, who supported Mr Gove’s Tory leadership campaign.

Responding to the leak, Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said it proved “just how engulfed in corruption this government is”.


PM ‘up to his neck in corruption’, says Rayner

Angela Rayner has accused Boris Johnson of being “up to his neck in corruption”, after not apologising for his role in the Owen Paterson scandal.

Here’s a tweet from the Labour deputy leader:

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 12:24

Hoyle urges Commons to be ‘respectful’

At a boisterous PMQs, the speaker has told MPs “to gain respect” for the chamber.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle said that heand not the prime ministerwas in charge of the House.

Describing the mood in the Commons as “ill-tempered”, he also told the prime minister to retract an allegation of misconduct against Keir Starmer.

Mr Johnson appeared to ignore Mr Hoyle, instead levelling the pun “Misch-conduct” (based on Mr Starmer’s work for Mischon de Reya) at the Labour leader.

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 12:22

Speaker tells PM off for asking Starmer questions

In a heated PMQs, the Commons speaker Lindsay Hoyle has interrupted Boris Johnson three times to tell him to stop asking Keir Starmer questions.

“It’s not Leader of the Opposition’s Questions," ele disse.

Boris Johnson had attempted to ask Mr Starmer about his work as an MP for the law firm Mischon de Reya.

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 12:13

Labour leader asks Johnson to apologise for Owen Paterson debacle

Keir Starmer has urged the prime minister to apologise for his role in the Owen Paterson debacle.

The Holborn and St Pancras MP said that other ministers had said sorry for supporting a motion to stop Mr Paterson’s suspension for lobbying.

The Labour leader accused Boris Johnson of “giving the green light to corruption”.

After Mr Johnson refused to apologised but admitted he made a mistake, Mr Starmer said he was “a coward and not a leader”.

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 12:11

Starmer tells PM ‘trust matters

Keir Starmer has warned Boris Johnson that “trust matters”.

The Labour leader said that the prime minister had a “lot of work to do” after the sleaze allegations of the past fortnight.

Mr Starmer narrowed in on rumours that the HS2 link between Manchester and Leeds will be scrapped, saying that this would be a breach of the government’s levelling-up agenda.

<p>Boris Johnson </p>

Boris Johnson

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 12:06

PMQs kicks off

Watch Keir Starmer take on prime minister Boris Johnson at this week’s PMQs:

Watch live as Boris Johnson faces Keir Starmer at PMQs
Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 12:01

British pies could be banned in EU, warns trade expert

From next March, it is possible that British pies will no longer be exported to the EU due to a new Brussels food safety regulation, a trade export has warned.

The policy requires meat products entering the bloc to “come from EU-approved establishments”.

Emily Rees, of the analysts Trade Strategies, said pies will not be accepted in Northern Ireland and the EU because they will lack the “necessary” origin certificate.

British pies to be banned from EU unless from Brussels-approved farms

New EU food safety regulation – coming into force next March – is ‘concerning’ exporters, MPs disseram

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 11:55

Tory environmental group investigates groping claims against Stanley Johnson

A Tory environmental group has said it is investigating claims that former MEP Stanley Johnson groped two women.

The Conservative Environment Network (CEN), which is made up of campaigners connected to the party, condemned the alleged behaviour.

O grupo disse em um comunicado: “We take all allegations of inappropriate behaviour very seriously. We have clear internal processes for managing allegations of this nature, and these are currently being followed.”

Tory environment group investigates groping allegations against Stanley Johnson

‘The alleged behaviour is not acceptable,’ says green network

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 11:40

Northern Irish public do not want protocol changed, minister told

Brexit minister Lord Frost has been told that the Northern Irish public do not want him to tear up the Brexit deal.

This comes after the latest Queen’s University Belfast poll indicated that support for the protocol was increasing, com 52 per cent of respondents in the territory in favour of it.

Despite the result of this survey, Lord Frost told BBC Radio Ulster: “I don’t think it’s true from the polls I’ve seen that there’s widespread support for the way the protocol is working.”

Our policy correspondent Jon Stone tem os detalhes:

Northern Ireland public don’t back you over Brexit talks, Lord Frost told

Polls shows strong support for the Northern Ireland protocol

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 11:24

Nine Insulate Britain protesters jailed

Nine Insulate Britain protesters have been jailed for breaching an injunction banning them from blockading roads as part of their climate protests.

Zoe Tidman has more on this breaking story:

Isolar ativistas britânicos presos após violação de liminar de bloqueio de estradas

Nine Insulate Britain activists have been sentenced to jail for breaching an injunction which banned the group from blockading roads.

Rory Sullivan17 novembro 2021 11:06