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Greta Thunberg mobbed at London climate protest ahead of Cop26

Greta Thunberg mobbed at London climate protest ahead of Cop26
Activist says she has not officially been invited to next week’s UN talks

Greta Thunberg has been mobbed by climate change activists and television crews at a noisy demonstration against banks in London.

The 18-year-old activist met campaigners outside the headquarters of Standard Chartered bank as they lobbied against the global financial system supporting the use of fossil fuels.

Ms Thunberg led the protest with chants of “We are unstoppableanother world is possible” and “What do we want? Climate justice. When do we want it? Now”.

She is expected to attend the UN Cop26 climate summit that begins on Monday in Glasgow, although she says she has not officially been invited.

Andrew Marr, in a preview for his BBC One programme on Sunday, asked her whether she had been invited, and she responded: “I don’t know. It’s very unclear. Not officially.

“I think that many people might be scared that if they invite too many radical young people, then that might make them look bad.”

She was joined by around 20 climate activists from countries including Namibia, Philippines and Samoa who are due to travel with her to the climate summit.

Ms Thunberg said more countries affected by climate change should be at the conference.

“We need more representation from the so-called global south, from the most affected people and areas," ela disse.

“It’s not fair when, por exemplo, one country send lots and lots of delegates, and then another country is very under-represented. That already creates an imbalance, and climate justice is at the very heart of this crisis.

“As long as we keep ignoring the historical responsibility of the countries of the global north and as long as we continue to ignore it, the negotiations will not have a successful outcome.”

Protesters had already lobbied outside Lloyd’s of London and Macquarie Capital before being joined by Ms Thunberg.

They want banks to stop funding companies such as oil groups.

Ms Thunberg recently berated politicians for 30 years of “blah, blá, blah” rather than acting to curb global warming.

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