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Melrose Place actor Morgan Steven found dead at his home, alderen 70

Melrose Place actor Morgan Steven found dead at his home, alderen 70
Sources close to Stevens say they hadn’t heard from actor in some time

Melrose Place skuespiller Morgan Stevens har dødd i en alder av 70.

Skuespilleren, who played recurring character Nick Diamond for six episodes of the soap opera, was found dead at his home after Stevens’s neighbour asked authorities to do a wellness check, TMZ rapporterte onsdag (26 januar).

Sources close to the actor said he hadn’t been seen for a while prior to his death, prompting his neighbour to request the check-in.

Authorities investigating his death said the actor likely died of natural causes, and don’t suspect foul play.

Stevens was best-known for his two-season run on the hit NBC show Fame, during which he played teacher David Reardon.

Apart from his roles on Fame og Melrose Place, Stevens made guest appearances on multiple classic TV shows such as Mord, She Wrote, One Day at a Time, og Murder One.

The Los Angeles-based actor also appeared as Paul Northridge in one episode of The Waltons and in three reunion movies, gjelder også A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain, in which his character married Erin Walton, played by Mary Elizabeth McDonough.

His final on-screen appearance was in 1999, when he guest-starred as Principal Max Hanson in an episode of American drama series Walker, Texas Ranger.

Stevens was born on 16 oktober 1951 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I 1989, he was arrested for an alleged DUI after the actor had a minor car accident. På den tiden, Stevens claimed police brutality, saying he was severely beaten while under custody. He suffered a broken nose, fractured cheek, dislocated jaw, and nerve damage to his face.

After a blood alcohol test indicated Stevens was not driving drunk, he sued the Los Angeles Police Department for mistreating him and an out-of-court settlement was later reached.

There is currently no information regarding Stevens’ heirs or a memorial service for the actor.