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Une mère sauve une oie de compagnie d'un pygargue à tête blanche alors qu'elle allaite sa fille

Une mère sauve une oie de compagnie d'un pygargue à tête blanche alors qu'elle allaite sa fille
‘I think any mom would do something bold to save one of her babes’

A Canadian mère is being praised as a “superhero” for her impressive multitasking after she was captured fighting off a bald eagle who was attacking her pet goose, while simultaneously breastfeeding her baby, by her home’s security camera.

The video showing Cait Oakley, 31, from North Saanich, rescuing the family pet, while topless and holding her four-month-old daughter, was posted to TikTok this week, where it has since been viewed more than 11m times.

Dans le clip, uploaded by the TikTok account @frankythegoose, it begins with the family’s pet goose Frankie honking loudly at the home’s front door.

The surveillance camera then captured the moment that a bald eagle swooped down from the sky to grab the goose, at which point Oakley could be heard yelling: "Hé, Hey!"

As the bald eagle attempted to drag the goose away, Oakley, who was barefoot and wearing just a pair of her husband’s gray boxers, was then captured running after the animal while still breastfeeding her daughter, who was cradled to her chest.

The video concluded with the bald eagle eventually letting go of the goose, and flying away.

On TikTok, Oakley explained in the caption that the family had lost three chickens in the last week, and that she had originally thought they were taken by hawks.

“But watch Frankie (our female goose) get taken. Mama bear mid breastfeeding protecting her sweet Frankie. Officially living at a zoo," elle a écrit.

La vidéo, which has since gone viral, has prompted an outpouring of awed responses from viewers, with many praising Oakley as a superhero.

“Not all heroes wear capes… some wear a baby. This was awesome,” une personne a commenté, tandis qu'un autre a dit: “Feeding and protecting! je l'aime!"

Quelqu'un d'autre a ajouté: “That was amazing! That’s what you call a Supermom.”

While reflecting on the rescue while speaking to Chek News, Oakley explained while laughing that she was “in the middle of feeding” her daughter, which is why she “didn’t have a shirt on, and was kind of getting ready for the evening”.

“I just ran outside and when Mike [her husband] came out he was like: ‘you’re topless.’ And I’m like yeah, non, I’m very aware. Sorry neighbours," elle a ajouté.

While speaking to L'indépendant, Oakley also addressed the numerous comments praising her as a hero, with the mother of three describing all mothers as heroes.

“I think all mamas are superheroes in their own way, from giving birth to raising our babiesI think any mom would do something bold to save one of her babes," elle a dit.

As for how she feels about the video of her rescue going viral, she said the reaction “has been absolutely hilarious”.

“The commentary kills me daily and it’s been such a funny story to pick up traction," elle a continué.

pourtant, she did note that “living in north Saanich” means “eagles are a large presence here”.

Sur Instagram, Oakley has since shared that the family has installed netting on their property to keep their chickens and goose safe. “I gotta keep these girls safe," elle a dit.

She also shared an update with her followers about Frankie’s well-being, with Oakley assuring concerned viewers that the family’s pet goose is doing “A-okay”.

“Thank you everyone who has sent well-wishes to Frankie," elle a dit. “She’s A-okay.”