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Three-year-old already dead before murder-accused mother phoned 999, le tribunal entend

Three-year-old already dead before murder-accused mother phoned 999, le tribunal entend
Girl died from serious chest and abdominal injuries

A three-year-old girl who was allegedly murdered by her “uncaring” mother and her boyfriend was “dead before the (999) call was made”, un tribunal a entendu.

Kaylee-Jayde Priest was found dead at the flat where she lived with her mother, Nicola Priest, au 9 August last year.

The youngster, described in court as ahappy child”, died from serious chest and abdominal injuries.

Later medical examinations showed she had also suffered historical injuries including broken ribs, lower leg fractures and a broken sternum, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Ms Priest, 22, and 21-year-old Callum Redfern, who prosecutors have alleged was in aclose sexual relationshipwith the child’s mother, are accused of Kaylee’s murder, and a separate alternative charge of manslaughter

Jurors heard claims that Ms Priest would hit Kaylee around the head and refer to her as af****** brat”, while the youngster was also heard cryingin a fearful tone”.

On one occasion, neighbours in a flat below recalled hearing a bang above and then Kaylee crying, before allegedly hearing Ms Priest say: “I’ll just say she fell off the bed.

The same residents claimed they noticed thatwhen Kaylee cried, the response appeared to be to drown out her crying with music”.

In a text message exchange on 24 juillet 2020, days before Kaylee’s death, Ms Priest allegedly told Mr Redfern: “I’m gonna kill herbecause she keeps leaving the living room or going in the kitchen, so I’ve paled (hit) her one and smacked her for shitting in her nappy”.

Mr Redfern said: “Goodgive her one from me.

Ms Priest replied: “I will, babe.

Three days later, Mr Redfern messaged Ms Priest saying: “I’m going to keep the little brat away from mesick of your spunking daughter.

Jurors heard the Crown’s claim that such messages were indicative of theuncaring attitude from Priest and Redfern towards Kaylee”.

Opening the case on Tuesday, prosecution barrister Andrew Smith QC said: “At 11.11am on 9 août 2020, Nicola Priest dialled 999 to summon an ambulance to her home address in Kingshurst (Solihull) to treat her daughter.

Kaylee-Jayde Priest, her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, was dead before the call was made.

The prosecution case is that her death was caused by her having received serious injuries to her chest and abdomen in a sustained assault on 8 August of last year.

That intentional assault occurred when both of the defendants were alone with Kaylee-Jayde.

Il ajouta: “Kaylee-Jayde was pronounced dead at 11.25am on 9 août.

The prosecution contends the deliberate unlawful actions of Callum Redfern and Nicola Priest caused her death, and that they are responsible for her murder.

Mr Smith said neighbours had spoken of hearing partieslasting many hoursand more shouting by Mr Redfern, but also Ms Priest, with one resident claimingthe tone of her voice seemed angry, and did not express love or care”.

From the time Ms Priest moved in to the flat in mid-2019, nearby residents claimed they heard hershouting with real regularityat Kaylee, including comments likeShut up”, “Go away” ou alors “Leave me alone” – et “never anything positive or kind”.

In April 2020, the mother of Ms Priest’s ex-partnernoticed a circular bruise-type mark of about one inch on Kaylee’s cheekbone”.

Ms Priest allegedly told her: “She’s been a little shit this morning.

In early July, a family friend allegedly saw Ms Priest hit Kaylee across the headwith the back of her hand”, and laterpulled Kaylee’s hairwhen the child went to get food from the fridge.

The prosecutor said that, on the evening of 8 août 2020, Mr Redfern and a male friend went to Ms Priest’s third-floor flat with a bottle of vodka.

While there, Mr Redfern smoked cannabis and, with Ms Priest, put Kaylee to bed.

Some minutes later, Mr Redfern’s friendheard Kaylee whingingcalling out, saying she wanted to come back out of her bedroom and carry on playing”.

As Kaylee’s cries continued, Ms Priest’s bedroom door was heard toopen and shut”.

The Crown’s barrister said: “À propos de 10 minutes after, he heard Mr Redfern shout ‘Kaylee’s been sick, Nicky, let’s get her in the bath’.

Mr Smith said: “He heard no more crying after Kaylee had been put back to bed.

Ms Priest, of Poplar Avenue, Edgbaston, Birmingham, and Mr Redfern, of Temple Street, Dudley, West Midlands, are also accused of causing or allowing the death of a child and cruelty to a child, entre 12 June and 3 août 2020.

They deny any wrongdoing and the trial continues.

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