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Second man arrested after murder of primary school teacher

Second man arrested after murder of primary school teacher
Police have detained the man for questioning over potentially withholding information

A second man has been arrested in the investigation into the killing of Ashling Murphy in County Offaly.

Irish police have detained the man for questioning in relation to the potential withholding of information.

Ms Murphy, a primary school teacher, was killed while out jogging on a canal side last Wednesday afternoon. Her death has been commemorated with vigils across Ireland and calls for changes in tackling gender-based violence.

Police have already arrested one man in his 30s on suspicion of murder. He was arrested at a Dublin hospital where he turned up last Thursday with unexplained injuries, some of which were reportedly self-inflicted.

Irish police said the man is still being questioned at Tullamore Garda station.

Maandag, the garda said that “significant progress” was being made in the murder investigation.

They asked that anyone with any information about a man dressed in a black tracksuit top with no hood should come forward.

They added that the man wore black tracksuit bottoms with a large white stripe or white writing on the side and black trainers.

Officers have asked members of the public whether they saw the man walking in Tullamore or if they gave him a lift last Wednesday evening.