Have children who adore story time? This musical box plays stories, minus screens

Have children who adore story time? This musical box plays stories, minus screens
Looking to entertain little ones? Tonies’ Toniebox is a musical story box meaning you can upload music, stories and more

It’s no secret children love story time, with popular favourites spanning across classic books and timeless tales as well as those featuring fun film and TV characters. If you love to see your little ones entertained by the twists and turns of an exciting story, tonies® are bringing these tales and characters to life, with Toniebox, the portable musical storybox kids can actually operate themselves.

The Toniebox starter set (£79.95, comes in a selection of different colours and is designed for children aged three and over. Created to keep kids (and parents) happy, this is a magical way for them to enjoy music and stories, minus any screens.

Arriving complete with a Creative-Tonie character, this little playtime pal is what you’ll upload music, songs and stories onto. Tonies are then additional figures which can be purchased to pop on top of the box and provide standalone stories, in the form of 120 hand-painted characters including Disney, Paddington Bear, Peter Rabbit, The Gruffalo, Paw Patrol and more.

Once you’ve got the Toniebox, these additional buys would then make great gifts from friends and grandparents for Christmas and birthdays going forward. And as we know, children love collecting little figures to play with.

A portable unit compatible with wifi connection, there’s a Tonie-App to upload content onto the Creative-Tonie which is included in your Toniebox starter set. Read on for the full magical musical storybox lowdown.

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Getting started

The Toniebox starter set begins your little one’s magical story time journey, and includes one Toniebox with a charging station and a Creative-Tonie figure. Pick between red, light blue, green, pink, purple and grey colour options, and there’s also a a skin-tone choice at check-out. Plus, the box has an LED status display and headphone connection port if you did want to buy headphones (£24.99, to go with it too.

Its 600g weight and 180mm x 180mm x 180mm size is compact enough for little ones, and the sustainable fabric should feel soft to touch and snuggle into. Being shock-resistant, inevitable drops from little hands are covered for practicality peace of mind.

Finally, the battery has up to 7 hours’ run time, catering for long journeys or adventures and offering a decent duration of wireless entertainment.

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How it works

Every Toniebox starter set comes complete with a Creative-Tonie, the figure on the top which enables you to upload a whopping 90 minutes of music, stories and even messages from family members. Your little one will also find a pre-loaded hour of songs and stories already on there for instant listening ease.

Designed for kids to use on their own, they can pop a figure on top and Toniebox’s fast forward, rewind and volume controls are easily adjusted. Offering them some listening independence, children are able to change stories as well.

Once set up with the starter Toniebox buy, there are additional accessories to purchase and a massive selection of 120 Tonie story characters. Hand-painted for an extra special touch, these cover well-loved book, film and TV characters including figures from Stick Man, Peppa Pig, Frozen, Trolls, Clangers and The Snowman.

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Audio options

The Peter Rabbit collection (£14.99, for example, is a Peter Rabbit figure kids can put in place on top of the box, which then plays four audio stories and has a 65-minute running time. The Gruffalo (£14.99, plays the famous story and a song too, and lasts for 17 minutes. You could alternate between short listens and longer length audios, depending on the child’s age and preference.

Additionally, musical Tonies play songs rather than stories, and these cover picks such as travelling songs (£9.99, which has a run-time of 50 minutes and includes favourites like ‘The Wheels on The Bus’. There’s a bundle buy option to build up a set with a few Tonies alongside the Toniebox starter kit, for a savvy shopping idea.

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Bedtime stories and songs

They’ll get cosy and snuggle into the woven fabric finish of a Toniebox after a busy day, settling down ready for stories and songs. For a personalised bedtime story, you could add recordings from family members onto the Creative-Tonie too.

As the Toniebox automically switches off after the story ends, kids can peacefully drift off to the land of nod, making bedtime much easier.

Buy a Toniebox now and save 15% with the code SUMMER15

Long-lasting listening

The listening options suit all children and key moments throughout the day, from car journeys and playdates with friends to bedtime cosiness. And the best bit is, this durable long-lasting buy adapts to changing audio content needs, simply by switching Tonies – so a Toniebox will be by their side for years to come, which is music to our ears.

Whatever their age, if the kids are happy and settled, parents and grandparents can be too, especially when there’s a 10% saving up for grabs.

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