プレミアリーグの試合 ニューカッスルユナイテッド そして トッテナム・ホットスパー 後に中断されました 40 スタンドでの医療緊急事態による分.

スパーズはニューカッスルをリードしていた 2-1 セントジェームズパークで、審判のアンドレマリナーがプレーヤーを傍観者に呼んだとき, ファンがピッチにメッセージを渡すことにより、イーストスタンドの重病の観客に警告された.

Newcastle’s team doctor Paul Catterson was dispatched across the pitch to the incident carrying a defibrillator. After a conversation with police and stewards, Marriner then called the players back into the dressing rooms.

A few minutes later the fan was carried away on a stretcher, to applause around the stadium. “The supporter who was in need of urgent medical assistance has been stabilised and is on their way to hospital,” Newcastle tweeted. “Our thoughts are with them.”

An announcement over the stadium’s public address system said the players would soon return to finish the first half after a short warm-up. “The players will be coming out to resume the first half," 彼らは言った. “There are seven minutes left to play.”