From cami’s to shorts, these maternity pyjamas will see you through sleepless nights

From cami’s to shorts, these maternity pyjamas will see you through sleepless nights
These bedtime favourites will see you through the prenatal period and beyond

Body changes in pregnancy mean that many of your previously failsafe items of 衣類 become redundant as you progress from trimester to trimester and this extends to nightwear, あまりにも.

While you might have already stocked up on breezy maternity dresses, stretchy leggings そして practical underwear, what you slip into come bedtime is equally as important. Niggling seams and restrictive fabrics can all be a cause for discomfort and, let’s face it, with a weighty bump, night sweats and constant trips to the toilet already disturbing your slumber, you need all the help you can get to ensure a great night’s sleep right now.

Aside from a pregnancy pillow, a good set of PJs is vital when it comes to catching forty winks and, if the time has come where you’re ready to finally admit defeat and stop trying to squeeze into your usual jammies, 私たちはあなたをカバーしました.

When choosing the right type of nightwear for you, there’s plenty to consider with an array of styles to suit all types of sleeper up for grabs, from nighties that promise to keep you cool on hot summer nights to short sets and traditional trouser two-pieces.

プラス, it’s worth thinking about whether they’ll come in handy long-term. The best pyjamas are not only comfortable but versatile, あまりにも, seeing you through those first few months where you’re barely showing to providing easy access for breastfeeding, helping to maximise your cost-per-wear post birth.



We’ve tracked down the best maternity pyjamas for 2022, rounding up styles that will help you rest easy now and see you through those sleepless nights to come. 私たちのテスター, who was eight months pregnant at the time of writing, wore their pyjamas for lounging and snoozing, scrutinising each on quality, support and style with bonus points awarded for those with clever features that mean they work pre and postpartum.

The best maternity pyjamas for 2022 です:

  • 全体的に最高 – Mori bump to baby pyjamas: £47.60, Babymori.com
  • Best under-bump pyjamas – Asos Design maternity overdyed long sleeve tee and trouser set: £27.25, Asos.com
  • Best affordable set – New Look maternity nursing cami trouser pyjama set: £19.99, Newlook.com
  • Best nightdress – Seraphine lace trim sage and white spot maternity to breastfeeding nightdress: £32, Seraphine.com
  • Best patterned pyjamas – Chelsea Peers nature print button up long pyjama set: £27.30, Chelseapeersnyc.com
  • Best for wearing during labour – Bon Prix maternity nightie: £12.99, Freemans.com
  • Best bundle – River Island grey maternity nursing bra and pyjama robe set: £95, Riverisland.com
  • Best short set – Jojo Maman Bebe grey marl maternity and nursing short pyjama set: £35, Jojomamanbebe.co.uk
  • Best luxury pyjamas – Sleeper sizeless pyjamas set with pants: £236.45, The-sleeper.com

Mori bump to baby pyjamas

ベスト: 全体

評価: 10/10

It’s likely that you’ve heard of Mori, which is perhaps best known for its organic cotton baby clothes, but now mums-to-be can get in on the action too with its equally gorgeous maternity range, Mama by Mori. Designed specifically to be worn at all stages of pregnancy and beyond, the bump to baby pyjamas have been carefully curated with lots of clever features that make your life a little easier and allow you to doze off in the utmost comfort.

Incredibly soft to the touch, the pyjamas are made from lyocell and include a short sleeved top with plenty of stretch, side slits that mean it adapts to your growing bump and a series of buttons down the front that offer easy access for feeding or pumping. The tapered trousers are just as nifty with an elasticated waistband that can be adjusted to wear under or over your bump. We loved this feature as it’s not only great in terms of deciding what fit works best for you, but means that the set can be adapted postnatally to avoid irritating any scars or sore bits depending on the type of birth you have.

The set comes in a choice of two colours – pink or navy – three sizes – small, medium and large – which equates to a UK8-10, UK12-14 and UK16-18, and there’s also a matching robe should you want an additional layer. Roomy and relaxed, this is the kind of sleepwear you’ll want to wear all day long.

Asos Design maternity overdyed long sleeve tee and trouser set

ベスト: Under-bump pyjamas

評価: 10/10

Made from ultra-soft jersey, this pyjama set has quickly become one of our favourites. It comes in a muted teal colour and, unlike others that feature in this round-up, has trousers that are designed to sit comfortably under the bump, which means you avoid any uncomfortable tightness across your growing belly. プラス, the waistband is super elasticated, which allows the trousers to grow and shrink along with your body, making this set great for any stage of pregnancy and beyond. ああ, and did we mention that they have functional pockets, あまりにも? Perfect for stashing bedtime essentials.

As for the top, it features an extended front that covers your bump generously and long sleeves, but the fabric is lightweight enough that you can wear this set year-round without overheating. Available in sizes UK6 to UK18, we opted for our usual clothing size and found it to be a great fit.

New Look maternity nursing cami trouser pyjama set

ベスト: Affordable set

評価: 9.5/10

For affordable maternity pyjamas, high street favourite New Look has an offering that is well worth a browse – and there’s plenty of stylish designs to choose from. Our top pick is this relaxed set that we guarantee you won’t want to take off and has quickly become a go-to in our nighttime wardrobe.

Keeping you (and your bump) comfy during pregnancy and beyond, this pyjama set is as pretty as it is practical. Made from a cotton blend, the fabric is not only incredibly soft but extra stretchy too, which is always a bonus, and we loved that the pretty lace-trimmed cami comes with adjustable straps, meaning it’s great for accommodating growing boobs and discreet nursing. The trousers are cut in a wide fit, giving you ample room on the leg, while the elasticated waistband sits nice and high on your tummy, making for a comfortable fit that also feels effortlessly chic. Ringing in at under £20, this cute co-ord is a steal and we love how much wear we’ll get out of it.

Seraphine lace trim sage and white spot maternity to breastfeeding nightdress

ベスト: Nightdress

評価: 9/10

If you prefer to wear nighties over a standard two-piece pyjama set, then this one from Seraphine should be at the top of your shopping list. While some nightdresses can leave you feeling frumpy when you’re sporting a big bump, this one left us feeling chic and extremely comfortable as it’s made from a soft jersey material and features pretty design details such as a lace trim and stylish sage green and white spot print.

There’s lots to love about this nightdress, from its modest knee length to its elasticated waistband and ¾ length sleeves that make it suitable for year-round temperatures. だが, the standout feature for us is the double layered neckline, which has a deep V neck that’s obscured by a scoop neck underlayer, which is designed for easy breastfeeding access.

It’s the little wins that count during the fourth trimester and not having to tackle fiddly buttons in order to soothe your little one gives this nightie some major bonus points. プラス, Seraphine has an impressive A-list following, counting the likes of The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway as fans – so, if it’s good enough for British and Hollywood royalty, it’s good enough for us.

Chelsea Peers nature print button up long pyjama set

ベスト: Patterned pyjamas

評価: 9/10

Maternity wear can have a reputation for looking a little drab, which can be a real challenge if you’re the sort of person who loves dopamine dressing. だが, that’s where Chelsea Peers, the self-proclaimed home of fun sleepwear, 入って来る.

With a shirt and long trousers, these are what we’d call proper pyjamas but with a twist. Featuring a cheerful potted plant print, the pyjamas feel luxuriously soft and we appreciated that the top features buttons, which will come in particularly handing when late-night feeding. The trousers have a wide leg and a high-rise waist to accommodate your tummy, as well as a drawstring waist that can be easily adjusted to suit your changing frame.

These are the type of PJs you can’t wait to slip on after a long day, and promise to put a playful twist on your traditional slumber uniform. プラス, they’re made from 95 per cent recycled yarn and for every purchase of this style, Chelsea Peers will plant an extra tree with its partner One Tree Planted, meaning you’re doing your bit for the planet, あまりにも.

Bon Prix maternity nightie

ベスト: For wearing during labour

評価: 8/10

Whether you choose to wear it while in the early stages of labour, when giving birth or straight after your baby has arrived, a nightie is a handy item of clothing to pack in your hospital bag. We loved this one from Bon Prix for its simple yet practical style. It has a pull-on design that makes it easy to get on and off and features a wrap style V-neck that allows for easy nursing access and snuggle skin-to-skin contact.

The nightie is also incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to its thick straps, elasticated waist and modest knee-length hemline. It did lose some marks as the fabric, while soft, isn’t quite as premium as others we tried, however at this price, we think it’s a brilliant buy and it still washes well. プラス, it comes in an impressive range of sizes, spanning UK6 to UK28.

River Island grey maternity nursing bra and pyjama robe set

ベスト: Bundle

評価: 9/10

Time is of the essence when you’re busy preparing for your baby’s arrival, so anything that makes your life easier is a sure-fire hit. This nightwear bundle comes with everything you need during your pregnancy, labour and after you deliver.

The four-piece set not only includes a two-piece pyjama set – consisting of a long sleeve T-shirt and over-bump leggings – but also a matching robe and even a nursing bra. The PJs and robe are made from a cosy fabric that’s ideal for brisk spring nights or the winter months, and we really liked that the top features three buttons for breastfeeding access as well as drawstring fastenings at either side so you can adjust the fit depending on which stage of pregnancy you’re at.

The bra, which isn’t pictured on the site, is reminiscent of Calvin Klein’s popular triangle style, with a thick branded elastic underband, adjustable straps and handy drop-down clips for nursing. Available in sizes XS to L (UK6 to UK18), we loved that this set looks more like loungewear, meaning it’s comfortable enough to wear to bed yet stylish enough to pop out for extra nappies in.

Jojo Maman Bebe grey marl maternity and nursing short pyjama set

ベスト: Short set

評価: 8.5/10

It’s a well-known fact that pregnancy can make your body temperature rise, making it difficult to get a good sleep – combine this with sticky summer evenings and you’ve got the perfect storm for a sleepless night of tossing and turning. ソリューション? A vest and short combo that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Designed to fit you from bump to baby, this set comes with a sleeveless top that’s made with two layers, including a floaty body and lace-trimmed upper panel that can be lifted to reveal feeding slits for quick and easy access. We really liked the shorts, あまりにも, as they’re super high-waisted with a wide bump panel for extra stretch and comfort, and a drawstring so you can adjust the fit to your body.

They’re not the most stylish choice but they’re a real pleasure to wear. If you’re expecting a baby during the warmer months, we guarantee you’ll be wearing these a lot once they’re here, though you won’t necessarily be getting a lot of sleep in them.

Sleeper sizeless pyjamas set with pants

ベスト: Luxury pyjamas

評価: 9/10

A brand you might recognise as the creators behind those fancy feather-trimmed trouser co-ords and breezy dresses, Sleeper is an authority in all things luxurious, especially when it comes to nightwear. Not strictly maternity, this sizeless pair of PJs are a big hit with style conscious expectant mums and it’s not hard to see why. The two-piece set has been designed to comfortably fit a (not-so extensive) range of body shapes and sizes – XS to XL, which equates to a UK6 to UK14 – meaning they can easily accommodate a growing bump, even in the third trimester.

そう, how do they work? トップ, which has a classic shirt design, is made with a loose oversized fit and a tie front that can be left undone if you prefer. It also features a button down fastening, making late-night feeds so much easier to master, while the wide-leg trousers come with an elasticated waist ensuring you never feel restricted.

付与, this isn’t the cheapest pair of jammies you can buy, so they won’t be an option for everyone, but you do get what you pay for. プラス, we love the idea of getting your money’s worth by wearing the shirt during the day, either with a pair of maternity jeans or layered over a bodycon midi dress. Our favourite colour is mint green but the pyjamas also come in a choice of blue, dust pink or black and white stripes.

評決: Maternity pyjamas and nightwear

For a set you can trust to deliver no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at, Mori’s bump to baby pyjamas are a worthy investment. Practical, versatile and super cosy, they’re our go-to PJs for both sleeping and wearing around the house, and will certainly be coming with us to the hospital when the time comes.

We have to mention Asos’s set, あまりにも, which has also become a firm favourite, largely thanks to its under-bump trousers that are a total dream to wear. If you prefer over-bump styles but can’t quite stretch your budget to Mori’s offering, に行く 新しい外観 and snap up its cami set, pronto.


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