NXIVM cult victim hits out at ‘predator’ Allison Mack

NXIVM cult victim hits out at ‘predator’ Allison Mack
TV star tearfully apologised in court but victim says she deserved three year sentence

A victim of the NXIVM cult hit out at actor アリソンマック for her role in recruiting women to the group, which physically and emotionally abused young women.

Jessica Joan, an actress and former member of NXIVM, rejected Mack’s apologies in court on Wednesday as she was sentenced to three years in jail.

Ms Joan told US District Judge Nicholas Garaufis that the ヤングスーパーマン actor deserved no mercy for manipulating women as part of the NXIVM cult, which had disguised itself as a self-help organisation.

Its members were coerced into sexual acts with its leader Keith Raniere, who was said to have humiliated, insulted and branded women with his initials. He was sentenced last year to 120 年.

“She can blame Keith all she wants, but she is a monster cut from the same cloth,” said Ms Joan. “Allison Mack is a predator and an evil human being.”

Ms Joan told CNN ahead of the hearing at Brooklyn’s federal court that although there was “an aspect of forgiveness” towards Ms Mack for her role in the cult, there was a need for “accountability by her”.

I want to tell her my truth. I want to let her know all of the pain and suffering that she caused,” Ms Joan said. “I believe the judge will give a sentence that will bring justice.”

In court, judge Garaufis told the ヤングスーパーマン actor he believed her apology was sincere, but said she deserved a serious sentence for becoming “a willing and proactive ally” of the group’s leader, ラニエール.

Lawyers for Mack had asked the judge last week for her to avoid jail time for her role in NXIVM, in apparent acknowledgement of her rehabilitation and renunciation of Raniere.

Federal prosecutors also accepted that she be handed a reduced sentence, rather than the 14 に 17.5 years advised by sentencing guidelines, following her cooperation with the investigation into Raniere and NXIVM.

Ms Mack, who apologised in court to her victims and family, was told to surrender to prison on 29 9月. She is thought to remain under house arrest at her family home.