Bob Odenkirk back on ‘Better Call Saulafter heart attack

Bob Odenkirk back on 'Better Call Saul' after heart attack
Bob Odenkirk is back shooting “Better Call Saul,” six weeks after a heart attack

ボブ・オデンカーク is back shooting “Better Call Saul,” six weeks after having a heart attack.

Odenkirk on Wednesday tweeted a photo of himself getting made up to play title character Saul Goodman in the AMC シリーズ, indicating that shooting had resumed on its sixth and final season.

“Back to work on Better Call Saul!” Odenkirk said. “So happy to be here and living this specific life surrounded by such good people. BTW this is makeup pro Cheri Montesanto making me not ugly for shooting!」

The 58-year-old Odenkirk had what he later called a “small heart attackand collapsed on the show’s set in アルバカーキ ニューメキシコ, 七月に 27.

Odenkirk has been nominated for four エミー賞 for playing luckless lawyer Jimmy McGill, who becomes increasingly corrupt and adopts the pseudonym Saul Goodman, the “criminal lawyer” who appeared in dozens of episodes of “Breaking Bad” before getting his own spin-off.

Both shows were shot in, and mostly set in, ニューメキシコ.