Sky is offering 50% off its 60GB plan with any phone, including the latest iPhone 13

Sky is offering 50% off its 60GB plan with any phone, including the latest iPhone 13
Everything you need to know about Sky’s early Black Friday deals across TV, broadband and mobile – including how to save on the latest iPhone 13 and Samsung S21

Landing on 26 11月, ブラックフライデー 2021 is now just two weeks away but eager bargain hunters will be pleased to learn that you don’t have to wait until then to bag yourself a great deal.

Following in the footsteps of アマゾン, 非常に そして カリーズ, Sky has launched its annual sale early, delivering a range of impressive deals across mobile and broadband.

Those looking to upgrade their handset should head straight over to Sky Mobile, where you’ll find discounts on the latest models from 林檎 and Samsung, 含んでいる iPhone 13 そして S21.

Want to upgrade to super reliable broadband? Sky has got you covered there too, with its Black Friday fibre special that isn’t one to be missed.

Below we’ve rounded up the best early bird discounts in the run-up to the big weekend and make sure to bookmark this page, as we’ll also be on hand during the event, using our shopping expertise to identify the most eye-popping savings.


The best early Sky Black Friday 2021 今すぐ買い物をするお得な情報

Apple iPhone 13 プロ: Was £78 per month, now £48 per month, Sky.com

Sky Mobile has slashed the price of its 60GB plan with any phone by 50 パーセント, which means you can snap up the all-new iPhone 13 pro for a bargain price. The mobile data plan price will be fixed for 12 months but the offer ends on 29 11月, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to take advantage of this mega saving. Need some convincing? 私たちのレビューでは iPhone 13 プロ, 私たちの作家は言った: 「写真の改善だけでも、アップグレードする価値があります。, より高速なプロセッサとより優れたカメラセンサーによって可能になりました。」


Apple iPhone 13: 月額57ポンドでした, 今月額£42, Sky.com

iPhoneへのアップグレードを検討している場合 13, あなたが得ることができるので今はそれをする時です 50 per cent off Sky’ Mobile’s 60GB plan. 新しいモデルはiPhoneに似ています 12, ディスプレイに小さなノッチがあります, 新しいカメラシステムであり、同社の最新のA15チップを搭載しています, which Apple claims means it’s up to 50 競合他社よりもパーセント速い. 私たちの中で 電話のレビュー, 私たちのテスターはiPhoneを言った 13 「超高速パフォーマンス」を実現, 素晴らしいデザインと素晴らしいカメラ」, 「良い写真を撮るのが簡単」.


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G with 60GB data: Was £54 per month, now £39 per month, Sky.com

Add this deal to your shopping basket now and you’ll be able to take home the Samsung Galaxy S21 with a 60GB plan for 50 per cent less. The device is a direct follow-up to last year’s S20 and comes with a host of features including facial recognition, a fingerprint sensor and three cameras. 私たちの中で review of the S21, our tester said: “In some ways this phone seems like a gentle upgrade over last year’s S20 but the big drop in price, snazzy design and strong cameras make the S21 highly appealing”.


Superfast broadband: £25 per month, 59Mb/s, 18 月, Sky.com

If your video is lagging and downloads are taking forever, consider snapping up Sky Broadband’s Black Friday fibre special, which includes superfast broadband with an average download speed of 59Mb/s and Pay as you Talk for £25 a month on an 18-month contract. This will also mean you can get Sky’s “speed guarantee”, as standard, so if your broadband speed falls below the minimum , you can claim a month’s subscription fee back. There is an initial one-off cost of £19.95 to get you set up, but after that you can sit back and enjoy super speedy broadband.


Does Sky take part in Black Friday?

It certainly does, and this year’s shopping bonanza has already kicked off, including deals on both Sky’s television and broadband services. There are savings to had across Sky Mobile too, so if you’re in the market for a new TV deal, broadband package or smartphone tariff, it’s worth checking out what Sky has to offer.

覚えて, Sky services are usually sold as 12- or 18-month contracts. If you prefer to remain flexible, then Sky’s sibling will be offering Black Friday deals on its own TV streaming packages, all of which are available on rolling one-month contracts.

Sky’s Black Friday offers tend to be geared towards new, rather than existing customers. So if you already have a Sky contract, there might not be many discounts for you. とはいえ, if you have been with Sky for several years, there is no harm in calling up and asking them to match a Black Friday deal you’ve spotted.

All eyes will be on Sky glass, the company’s new all-in-one TV subscription service that bundles a TV with integrated Sky box, plus a TV subscription, for a monthly fee. Sky glass also does away with the need for a satellite dish, as all content is streamed through your router.

Does Sky take part in Cyber Monday?

はい, we fully expect Sky to take part in サイバー月曜日 あまりにも. 覚えて, Cyber Monday used to be the online equivalent of Black Friday, which itself was a sales event that only happened in physical stores. But times change, and now the Black Friday event tends to happen online as much as offline, and many deals run for the entire week, then cover the weekend and carry right on into Cyber Monday, あまりにも.

にとって 2021, Cyber Monday falls on 29 11月. だが, as in previous years, we expect deals to begin a week, a fortnight, or perhaps even a month early – just as アマゾン did in 2020.

過去数年間, Sky has offered the same discounts across ブラックフライデー そして サイバー月曜日. We expect the same thing to happen in 2021, but can’t fully rule out Sky saving some web-only deals for 29 11月.

What were the best Sky Black Friday deals last year?

Sky had a lot of TV, phone and broadband deals for Black Friday 2020. Some of the company’s TV packages were discounted by a massive 50 パーセント, saving customers almost £60 a month.

There was also a deal that offered Sky broadband for just £10 a month, and another where broadband was available without the usual £19.95 set up fee. Some packages included unlimited anytime calls for free, which normally costs £10 a month.

If you haven’t yet got a Sky TV package, Black Friday is a great time to sign up and place your order. に 2020, Sky cinema could be added for £9.50 a month and Sky sports was £15 a month – both representing a 50 per cent discount – while upgrading channels to HD was reduced from £5 to £2.50 a month, and Ultra HD was also halved, to £5.


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