‘Spiderman’ climbs Oklahoma City tower in anti-abortion stunt

‘Spiderman’ climbs Oklahoma City tower in anti-abortion stunt
The man was arrested upon reaching the top of the tower

A man climbed the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City to protest abortion rights, police said.

The man was met by first responders and police when he reached the top of the tower.

The protester, Maison Des Champs, streamed the stunt to his Instagram profile, where he regularly calls him self a “pro-life Spiderman,” — not to be confused with the copyright protected Marvel comics character Spider-Man — and where he confirmed the climb was a protest against abortion rights.

Mr Des Champs has built a social media following using climbing stunts similar to the one in Oklahoma City. He previously climbed the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco as well as the New York Times Building in Manhattan, WKRN.com reports.

The man free soloed the 50-story building, relying only on chalk and his hands and feet to reach the top. Climbers typically use ropes, harnesses, and other tools to secure themselves as they climb.

When he arrived at the top of the tower police took him into custody. He is expected to face trespassing and disorderly conduct charges.

The building is the tallest in Oklahoma, and winds near the top were likely between 35mph (56kph) and 40mph (64kph).

The “pro-life Spiderman” has done previous protest climbs, seemingly always to support right wing causes. He claims on his website that in 2021 he climbed the Aria Hotel in Nevada to protest the state’s Covid-19 restrictions.