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Outrage over Marks & Spencer’s £5 ‘posh beans on toast’

Outrage over Marks & Spencer’s £5 ‘posh beans on toast’
‘That’s not just daylight robbery. That’s M&S daylight robbery,’ says Twitter user

marque & Spencer have been heavily criticised for selling an item called “posh cheesy des haricots au toast” for £5 in its Christmas food range.

Social media users were in uproar over the party food, which consists of “brioche bread with haricot beans in a tomato sauce with a creamy Barber’s mature cheese melt and finished with Barber’s mature Cheddar cheese”.

The retailer was accused of the “gentrifying” beans on toast, and people balked over the price of the item.

Dans un tweet, Money Saving Expert said: “We’re all fans of baked beans here, but given you can buy a loaf of bread, tin of baked beans and block of cheese for less than £5.75, we’re not fans of the price!"

Une personne mentionné M&S was trying to make mini portions of beans on toast “fancy and gourmet to appeal to their upper-middle class customer base”.

Another person said they were so worked up about the item that they needed medication to calm their nerves.

“Why is it suddenly fashionable for middled-classed c***s to cling on to scheme wain delicacies?" elles ou ils a écrit.

Others said M&S were “taking the mick” and told the retailer to “pull the other one”.

Some people mocked the M&S tagline, lequel est: “This is not just food. This is M&S food.”

“That’s not just daylight robbery. That’s M&S daylight robbery," a dit une personne, tandis qu'un autre a ajouté: “This isn’t just a rip-off. This is an M&S rip-off.”

M&S’ Christmas party food range also includes Molton Cheddar Profiteroles, a Turkey and Ham Christmas Pudding Pie, and Snow Globe Gin Liqueur.

A spokesperson for M&S Raconté Le miroir: “If you love beans on toast, this is the party food for you.

“Made with a super buttery brioche bread base, topped with haricot beans in a rich tomato sauce with a creamy Barber’s mature cheddar cheese melt, finished with a sprinkling of even more mature Barber’s mature cheddar cheese for ultimate ooze, and ready in just 12 minutes.

“They are delicious. You can pick them up on a four for three offer running across our award-winning range of 41 fresh party food lines, saving up to an impressive £5.50.”