Create a slice of Italy with the best indoor pizza ovens

Create a slice of Italy with the best indoor pizza ovens
Add an Italian twist to your culinary repertoire with the best indoor pizza ovens in the UK, available from Judge, Ao, Lakeland and more

Dedicated pizza ovens are all the rage these days, and the popularity of the wood-fired outdoor variety continues to go from strength to strength. Delivering restaurant quality, authentic tasting pizza, traditional outdoor pizza ovens create the perfect environment for cooking pizza – and other foods – in minutes.

The downside of these ovens is that they are large, 高価な, slow to heat and can only be used outdoors; not ideal for the usual British weather, or for anyone without a garden. Enter then: the indoor pizza oven. Electric powered, largely inexpensive, quick and convenient to use and store, these nifty kitchen gadgets could be the answer to our Neapolitan pizza prayers.

Achieving high temperatures to cook a perfectly puffed and authentically spotted crust, indoor pizza ovens offer a fast and fuss-free way to enjoy proper Italian-style pizza without having to construct a huge brick oven in your back garden. As they heat up so quickly, standalone pizza ovens also offer a more economical way to cook, and are often suitable for many different foods, aside from pizza.

There aren’t many on the market, but styles and functions do differ, so it makes sense to do your research before investing your hard-earned cash. Consider how often you’ll use the oven; if it’s likely to be for occasional use it probably doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of pounds on an all-singing all-dancing appliance that’s hard to store, so one of the more basic pizza press style machines may be right for you.

If you just can’t get along with pizza stones (often hard to clean and very hot to handle) then maybe a non-stick style is best – though you’ll lose that stone-baked flavour. Prices can range from £50 to over 10 times that figure for high spec models which offer more functionality, but are more like a full scale appliance rather than an occasional countertop gadget.



Though pizza ovens can cook all sorts of pizza, from fresh to readymade and frozen, we used the same fresh dough to make our test pizzas, with a variety of toppings. We preheated the ovens as per the manufacturer’s instructions and cooked the pizza for the suggested time. We were looking for ease of use of the machine, for how quickly the ovens heated up and the end result of the pizza. We paid particular attention to the flavour of the crust, how evenly the crust was cooked and whether the toppings were under or overcooked. We deducted marks for too much smoke emanating from the machine – not what you want from an indoor pizza maker – and if the machine was difficult to clean afterwards.

The best indoor pizza ovens for 2022 です:

  • 全体的に最高 – Sage the smart oven pizzaiolo SPZ820BSS: £529.99, Lakeland.co.uk
  • バラエティに最適 – MisterChef 1000W pizza maker: £49.99, Onbuy.com
  • Best multi-use oven – Sage the smart oven pro: £229, Ao.com
  • Best for flavour – Optima pizza express Napoli pizza oven: £169, Pizzaunited.co.uk
  • Best budget oven – Judge electricals 30cm pizza maker: £49.50, Hartsofstur.com
  • Best mid-range pizza oven – Kukoo 16 twin deck electric pizza oven: £354.99, Therange.co.uk

Sage the smart oven pizzaiolo SPZ820BSS

ベスト: 全体

評価: 9/10

OK, first things first: this machine is colossal. You will need a dedicated kitchen area to house the Sage pizzaiolo, as you would any large appliance. Weighing in at around 20kg, this is not something that is easily stored away in a cupboard. If you can accommodate the size, then you are in for a treat as it is by far the best and most functional machine we tried. With seven presettings – wood fired, ニューヨーク, pan, thin & crispy, frozen and two manual temperature settings – this oven uses conductive, radiant and convective heat to cook anything from meat, fish and veg in addition to brilliant pizza.

It comes with a pizza stone or deep dish to cook on and reaches a searing 400C in just a few minutes. The result was a meltingly hot pizza, thoroughly cooked dough with a perfectly blistered crust (you can choose how dark you’d like it) in two minutes. Using the pizza stone gives an authentic wood fired flavour and a superior texture thanks to the absorbent nature of the stone, あまりにも.

Our criticism of this clever machine – aside from its size – is that it’s hard to get fresh pizza into the oven. Without the flip up lip format of the other ovens you’ll need to be well skilled with a pizza paddle (提供された) in order to successfully slide your lovingly made pizza on to the stone without any dough or topping casualties. Practice makes perfect.

MisterChef 1000W pizza maker

ベスト: For variety

評価: 7/10

This sleek looking pizza oven is like a pizza version of a sandwich toaster – in a good way. Suitable for pizzas up to 12in, this easy-to-store machine is a convenient way to cook up hot, tasty pizzas fuss-free. Using dual heating elements and non-stick plates, this press-style machine heats up to 220C quickly, and will cook most homemade or shop bought pizzas in around 10 分. You won’t achieve that signature spotted crust with this machine, but it does deliver evenly cooked, light and crispy bases with uniformly baked toppings.

The non-stick plates mean it’s really easy to clean – just wipe with a soft soapy cloth – and it cools down ready to put away after use in around 20 分. You can also use this machine for a variety of foodstuffs, not just pizza, and it’s great for foolproof omelettes, a quick plate of loaded nachos, or to quickly reheat cold pizza. An energy efficient and impressive way to cook any style pizza, and we found it to be completely smoke-free too.

Sage the smart oven pro

ベスト: Multi-use oven

評価: 7/10

Another entry from premium electricals brand Sage here. The smart oven pro is a countertop oven that will cook up a pizza – and more – while using far less energy than your main oven. Five quartz elements deliver precise and stable heat, and this oven’s super speed preheat means it’s ready to go in just four minutes. Choose from ten settings – including toast, bake, グリル, ロースト, ピザ, クッキー, reheat and slow cook – and let the oven’s intelligence system do the rest. Equipped with a convection fan, it claims to reduce most cooking times by around 3 per cent and is large enough to accommodate a 1in pizza, a whole chicken or nine hole muffin tray while still being compact enough to house on the worktop.

With temperatures ranging from 50-230C, this Sage oven doesn’t reach the dizzyingly high temperatures of the dedicated Pizzaiolo oven (so you probably won’t achieve those tasty charred spots) but will still produce restaurant quality pizza if cooked on a pizza stone (not included). We cooked our pizzas on the non-stick baking tray provided and found that the oven preheated quickly and shaved a few minutes off of the pizza cooking time; 大まかに 20 minutes in all for a small homemade pizza which emerged evenly cooked with a tasty, crisp yet puffy base.

While the pizzas are a great reason to buy this oven, don’t buy it for pizzas alone (check out the others on this list instead) but more for its brilliant multi-functionality. It is hard to beat for ease of use, size and price and it’s absolutely no surprise that fans of this oven say they prefer it to their main oven – particularly now when energy saving is high on everyone’s mind.

Optima pizza express Napoli pizza oven

ベスト: For flavour

評価: 8.5/10

This charming looking machine is a simple design: a flip-top opens up to expose a pizza stone base for cooking on, and a top element to heat evenly and bake the toppings. Using the same stone as used in the wood fired ovens of some of the most famous Neapolitan pizza restaurants, the pizza stone makes for a searing hot surface to cook on, while imparting a truly fantastic flavour and aroma to fresh dough. It also absorbs any humidity for a perfectly crisp, light base.

After preheating for 10 分, the stone is ready to cook on and will have homemade dough pizzas cooked to perfection in around four minutes – take care when opening the lid, でも, as things do get steamy in there. We loved the speckled char of the crust and the flavour of the pizza was hands down the best we tried – plus it’s quick and easy to use and store.

We liked that it comes with two special pizza spatulas which we found helpful and easier to negotiate than a large pizza paddle – it makes putting fresh pizzas on the stone a doddle. Other foods can also be cooked on this, if added to a foil tray. The downsides of this machine are that the pizza stone is hard to clean – it’s not removable and if toppings accidentally overflow you’ll find yourself in quite a mess. It also set off our smoke alarm repeatedly, but it was worth it for the fantastic pizza result.

Judge electricals 30cm pizza maker

ベスト: Budget oven

評価: 7/10

The Judge pizza maker is almost identical to the MisterChef appliance, with the same simple press format, non-stick plates and smart red finish. It also has a similar spec: it heats to 220C using dual heating elements but this machine only uses 850W which makes it extremely energy efficient, at around half the energy use of a standard oven. Ready to cook on in just 10 分, this press will have steaming hot pizza ready for you in another 10, and the non-stick surface means that clean ups are a doddle. 50ポンド未満, it’s a fantastic budget option.

Kukoo 16 twin deck electric pizza oven

ベスト: Mid-range pizza oven

評価: 8/10

This tomato-red electric pizza oven is essentially a piece of commercial kitchen equipment. It is vast and heavy (30kg!) but it cooks up some seriously exceptional pizzas. Set up is simple – affixing the handles and inserting the two pizza stones – then preheat and you’re ready to go. You can choose to operate one or both parts of the oven using the three heating elements, there’s an easy-to-operate timer function for up to 30 minutes and a light to allow you to view your food cooking.

The oven will accommodate two large pizzas up to 16in and is suitable for homemade, shop-bought or frozen pizzas, breads and more. The temperature range is from 0C to a searing 350C which makes for some perfectly leopard-spotted sourdough pizzas, あまりにも. We found that our homemade deep pan pizzas cooked in just 10 minutes at a temperature of 250C, but for thinner Neapolitan style pizzas we’d suggest cranking the temperature right up and you’ll be tucking in in just a few minutes.

Cooking on the pizza stones gives a wonderfully authentic flavour and ensures the bases were crisp and even with every bake. While this oven may be a bit OTT for most standard kitchens, it would certainly make for some terrific pizza parties, and if you’ve been dreaming of setting up your own pizza joint, here’s your answer.

評決: Indoor pizza ovens

大変です. The smartest piece of kit is undeniably the Sage pizzaiolo: it’s got every function and accessory you could possibly require and really does deliver above and beyond, so we have to award it the overall best buy. それでもまだ, we do have a serious soft spot for the Optima. It feels very much like something a Neapolitan may use at home and the authentically blistered crust it produces is at once delicious and a clear testament to its ferocious heat. It looks fantastic too. Whichever machine you go for, your home-cooked pizzas will never be the same again.


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